Top 10 Must-Have Men's Bathing Suit Shorts For 2020

| August 06, 2018

It's summertime 2020. That means it's getting hot in here--so take off all your clothes and jump into a pair of bathing suit shorts. Are you looking to catch the attention of your perfect rave baby before you invite her to your next big festival? Yeah, you are. 

We got you covered below the waistline fellas. Without further ado, turn up the volume, and get ready to look fresh to death because iEDM presents your must-have bathing suit shorts this season. Don't blame us if the girls can't keep their hands off of you. You have been warned in advance.


1. Bomb Pop Pattern Weekend Shorts



Popsicles won't be the only things that melt when you break these bad boys out. Call this a throwback to your childhood, because the bomb pop pattern weekend shorts will open a floodgate of memories, bringing you back to a more simple time.



2. Furbex Weekend Shorts


Speaking of throwbacks, wearing a pair of Furbex weekend shorts will make you look like a stud who is in touch with his sentimental side. You'll be doing way more than talking to a Furby putting these on. The conversations that the Furbex weekend shorts will inspire...oh boy. You'll learn the language of love when it's all said and done. Seriously though.



3. Eyecopi Kopie Weekend Shorts


Oh, we see you...playa. All eyes will be on you when wearing the Eyecopi Kopie weekend shorts. You don't need to be Tupac to catch a person's attention when you are decked out in a giant eye. Third Eye Blind will be jealous, truly. You know what we are sayin'? 



4. Cat Creep Weekend Shorts



Meow. Ravers will be sure to hear you roar when you have a group of felines by your side at all times. Call yourself a cool cat or a top cat, the fact of the matter is that you will be ruling the animal kingdom when you wear our Cat Creep weekend shorts. The girls will be creepin' up all on your style when you roll on up. That is a promise. Also, don't get us wrong--we will always have a soft spot for all of our dogs at iEDM.



5. Oscar The Nug Weekend Shorts



We can't exactly tell you how to get to Sesame Street, but we can tell you that you will look like a total stud when showing off your Oscar pride. Oscar is all grown up here, and he's got money on his mind. Can we say P-I-M-P? You know it. Throw on your best pair of shades, and get ready to tag team with Oscar. You know Big Bird is going to be in the corner taking notes. 



 6. Into the OORT Cloud Weekend Shorts



Whoah. Out of this world, dude. You'll by flying high with our Into the OORT Cloud weekend shorts. With this look, you can reign as a supreme gentleman on any planet of your choosing. You think you have what it takes to be the big man on the Moon? What are your thoughts on Jupiter? Heck, what about Venus? It's up to you, astronaut.



7. Sushi Weekend Shorts




You'll be rolling in like a delicious snack when wearing our Sushi weekend shorts. Not only will your admirers be hungry; they will be thirsty too. Drink it in, man.



8. 90's Swoosh Weekend Shorts


Don't worry about being saved by the bell. You will want to stick it out when armed with your 90's Swoosh weekend shorts. Ravers will want to fill your cup with a whole lot of love, so make sure you can handle it. You better believe that ravers will be swooshing all around you. Facts.



9. Party Heart Weekend Shorts


Party on, ya bad little raver, you. Throw your hearts up in the air while wearing our Party Heart weekend shorts. You'll be getting the signs right back at'cha from your fellow party animals. Embrace the power of love. Love is all you need. Ya dig?



10. Neon Dye Weekend Shorts


Finally, we present you with our Neon Dye weekend shorts. The colors will make you pop out in a crowd, and that's exactly what the doctor ordered. If you love getting attention, the Neon Dye shorts will do the trick. The perfect blend of blue and pink, you will be leading the pack when it comes to collecting cool points.



What pair of bathing suit shorts will you be wearing this summer? Check out our Men's Shorts Collection HERE.


Also, make sure you keep up with all of the latest festival news HERE.

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