Top 10 Outfits From Our 'Liquid Neon' Collection

Liquid Neon, iEDM

| June 02, 2023
Welcome to the electrifying world of neon print clothes, where fashion meets the pulsating beat of a neon-lit dance floor! Step into a realm where colors come alive in vibrant, eye-catching hues that demand attention and exude an unmistakable aura of energy. Neon prints have taken the fashion scene by storm, breathing new life into wardrobes everywhere.

From dazzling tees that seem to glow in the dark to leggings that radiate pure neon magic, these bold and fearless designs are the antidote to boring outfits. So buckle up, fashion enthusiasts and raver alike, because it is time to shine brighter than ever before with our Liquid Neon fits!

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Outfits From Our 'Liquid Neon' Collection below. 

Liquid Neon, iEDM

10) Cosmic Burst Tank

Cosmic Burst Tank

Kicking off our list is this entrancing fit that oozes a dispersion of neon blue, hot pink, and other mystifying shades. iEDM's Cosmic Burst Tank has a cotton candy flare to it that will complement lasers optimally. If you are headbanging with your bass queens, tell them to check out our Cosmic Burst Rave Bra to match.

Check out iEDM’s Cosmic Burst Tank HERE! 


9) Rainbow Triangle Bandana Mask

Rainbow Triangle Bandana Mask

This spectacular print symbolizes Anyma and Chris Avantgarde's iconic melodic techno anthem, “Consciousness”. When you throw this face mask on, you will expand your consciousness, and so will anyone who looks at it. A single neon blue-tinted lightning bolt shoots down for the sky as a mysterious traveler enters a gateway to the unknown in this reality-bending graphic.

Check out iEDM’s Rainbow Triangle Bandana Mask HERE!


8) Neon Rift Plush Blanket

Neon Rift Plush Blanket

Not only is this blanket made of 100% super-plush polyester fleece, it also embodies a design that will hypnotize your body and mind. An ethereal fusion of neon pigments is the center-piece of the Neon Rift Plush Blanket. Heightening its attraction, the blanket comes in two different sizes, 50 by 60 or 60 by 80 inches, and there are plenty of outfits for this graphic.

Check out iEDM’s Neon Rift Plush Blanket HERE!

Liquid Neon, iEDM

7) Wavey T-Shirt

Wavey T-Shirt

Another far-out print from iEDM is our Wavey T-Shirt. In this top, a delicately faded rainbow ground lead into a neon waveform of yellow, blue, and pink. An astronaut stands proud in the middle of the shirt, as an undiscovered planet looms in the background.

Check out iEDM’s Wavey T-Shirt HERE!





6) Aqua Daze Joggers

Aqua Daze Joggers

Primed for aquatic themed festivals like Imaginethis bubbly outfit from iEDM will transmit an aura of tranquility to its beholder. An elastic waist and drawstring transform this fit into a modern take on a reliable classic. Additionally, you can machine wash as much as you like — our joggers undergo sublimation printing and utilizes a special-heat dye that resists fading and bleeds.

Check out iEDM’s Aqua Daze Joggers HERE!


5) Galactic Drip T-Shirt

Galactic Drip T-Shirt

Jam-packed with a heavy mixture of distorted colors, iEDM's Galactic Drip T-Shirt is as fresh as they come! There are so many spellbinding levels to this graphic; it piles on layers and layers of chaotic yet intriguing blends. One thing that makes this fit special is that it can go well with virtually any pair of bottoms.

Check out iEDM’s Galactic Drip T-Shirt HERE!

Liquid Neon, iEDM

4) Funkadelic Tank And Shorts Combo

Funkadelic Tank And Shorts Combo

A deadly combo — and by deadly I mean it will have your friends questioning the nature of their existence — iEDM's Funkadelic Tank And Shorts Combo is a fit that is perfect for warehouse raves and bassheads. Become a Funkonuat when you rep this sensational duo and go wild to the likes of GRiZ and LSDREAM.

Check out iEDM’s Funkadelic Tank And Shorts Combo HERE!


3) Awe & Wonder T-Shirt

Awe & Wonder T-Shirt

The name of this intricately designed image earned its title for a reason. iEDM’s Awe & Wonder T-Shirt will have the festival crowd around you exactly as it claims: in utter disbelief. Providing a beacon of hope and positivity, the future raver reaches out into the wilderness, putting her hand up to the light of a multidimensional vortex. Unlock endless possibilities with this bewildering shirt.

Check out iEDM’s Awe & Wonder T-Shirt HERE!


2) Abstract Weekend Shorts

Abstract Weekend Shorts

Challenging the essence of your imagination, iEDM’s Abstract Weekend Shorts will make you stand out as someone who is bold, passionate, and confident. The pitch black background aligns extremely well with the vivid orange paint splatters and neon drips of pink and blue. Take your creativity up to the max and add these captivating shorts to your collection.

Check out iEDM’s Abstract Weekend Shorts HERE! 

Liquid Neon, iEDM

1) Neon Drip Hoodie And Joggers Combo

Neon Drip Hoodie And Joggers Combo

Although summer is approaching, our #1 outfit is the go-to choice for festivals and outdoor shows in colder regions of the world. iEDM’s Neon Drip Hoodie And Joggers Combo is also a great pick to wear when the sun goes down, along with the temperature. Anyone who makes eye contact with this print will have no other option but to get lost in its sheer aesthetic presence.

Check out iEDM’s Neon Drip Hoodie And Joggers Combo HERE!



Upgrade your rave closet this 2023 with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out our entire Liquid Neon collection HERE!


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