Top 10 Rave Apparel Favorites For Electric Forest 2023

| June 09, 2023

It is almost time to embark on the journey to the ever-so-magical Electric Forest. The Rothbury, Michigan festival is known for its endless beauty and remarkable performances. Along with the incomparable music and vibes, a special part of this festival is seeing the forest family go all out with their creative outfits.

Being a camping festival where the party truly never stops, the key to ensuring that you have a great time all weekend is to choose comfortable clothing that shows off your personal style. That is where iEDM’s wearable art comes in. 

Electric Forest 2023

iEDM's rave-wear features a wide range of psychedelic and music culture-related art inspired by the latest trends in festival fashion. Each piece is custom-made using sublimation techniques to create ultra-vivid prints. There are plenty of options to select from such as matching sets, hoodies, t-shirts, accessories, and much more.

Everything is designed with the goal of ultimate comfort, so you can rage the night away in confidence while looking your best. If you are planning to attend Electric Forest, look no further for all your rave fashion needs than iEDM. 

Check out iEDM’s top 10 picks for what to wear to Electric Forest below.


10) Midnight Garden T-Shirt


Midnight Garden T-Shirt


The Midnight Garden T-Shirt comprises a bold floral print that is electric in its own way. The colorful flowers will compliment the foliage at Electric Forest well. This t-shirt is made of breathable fabric that will easily adapt to the Michigan summer climate.

Get the Midnight Garden T-Shirt HERE!


9) Lightyears Away T-Shirt



Lightyears Away T-Shirt


Any Electric Forest attendee will tell you that the forest seemingly transforms into another planet at night. There is no better way to fit that theme than with the Lightyears Away T-Shirt. The surreal astronaut shines bright while surrounded by hues of aqua and pink. 

Get the Lightyears Away T-Shirt HERE!


8) Galactic Valley Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie


Galactic Valley Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie


Is it really Electric Forest without the skies and trees coming to life underneath the enchanting lasers and light? The Galactic Valley Zip-Up Hoodie illustrates a wonderful picture of how the festival grounds appear with the massive surplus of production present. The event's aesthetic highlights how nature and modern technology can collide to create a transformative environment.

Get the Galactic Valley Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie HERE!


iEDM rave fashion


7) Creative Champion Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie 


Creative Champion Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie


When wandering through the forest, you are sure to stumble upon live painters that will leave you amazed with their outstanding talent. The abstract splashes of color in the Creative Champion Zip-Up Hoodie will make you look like a walking painting yourself. The all-over print will enhance the energy wherever you find yourself at the event. 

Get the Creative Champion Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie HERE!





6) Fractal River Bandana


Fractal River Bandana


Camping festivals will leave you exposed to the elements so it is important to come prepared, especially for all the dust. The Fractal River Bandana has a trippy design that can complete any outfit. The mesmerizing print is one of our top picks for this festival. 

Get the Fractal River Bandana HERE!


5) Mandala Vibez Bandana


Mandala Vibez Bandana


If you are looking for an intricate statement piece to play up your outfit, opt for the Mandala Vibez Bandana. Anyone that sees you will not be able to avoid getting lost in all the glorious details of the mandala art. This bandana can be styled in multiple ways so it will be your go-to fashion necessity at the event.

Get the Mandala Vibez Bandana HERE!


4) GloFX Pure Bliss 6-LED Orbit


GloFX Pure Bliss 6-LED Orbit


Flow arts are an integral part of the community culture at Electric Forest. Whether you are a seasoned or emerging flow artist, the GloFX Pure Bliss 6-LED Orbit is a reliable option. The orbit is easy to store and the colors are guaranteed to blow the minds of the spectators lucky enough to see you in action.

Get the GloFX Pure Bliss 6-LED Orbit HERE!


iEDM rave fashion, GloFX


3) Tracer Luminescence Diffraction Glasses


Tracer Luminescence Diffraction Glasses


Light up the night and seize the moment with the GloFX Tracer Luminescence Diffraction Glasses. These glasses feature a groundbreaking effect that creates an enthralling 3D look as the lights dance around your eyes. They are customizable, allowing you to choose the colors and change your aura as you please.

Get the Tracer Luminescence Diffraction Glasses HERE!


2) Wolf Hooded Blanket


Wolf Hooded Blanket


Although the days can get very hot at Electric Forest, nights can be surprisingly chilly so make sure to come prepared. The Wolf Hooded Blanket is a great way to stay cozy during those breezy festival nights. The striking wolf artwork will empower your soul and protect you from the elements.

Get the Wolf Hooded Blanket HERE!


1) Junglist Tundra Hooded Blanket
Junglist Tundra Hooded Blanket


Become one with The Forest with the Junglist Tundra Hooded Blanket. The gorgeous leaves on this blanket will make you look like you are in an evergreen paradise. iEDM’s hooded blankets are lined with plush Sherpa that will surround you with warmth through any weather. 

Get the Junglist Tundra Hooded Blanket HERE!


Photos courtesy of Electric Forest


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