Top 10 Rave Bras For Summer Music Festivals

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It is that time of the year again. The sun is out, shining, and soon it will be blistering hot! Time to take your big coats, long sleeves, and throw them in storage. Bring out them booty shorts, bikinis, pasties, fans, and get ready to add in some of these magnificent rave bras for this festival season.

Plus, if you are looking to unique-ify your fit this year, iEDM has got your back. Our selection encompasses the most iconic, sublimation prints that will make you the life of the party. With astounding colors so vivid, the lasers and lights will make you radiate at any festival!

Check out iEDM’s Top 10 Rave Bras For Summer Music Festivals below.


10) Eyecopi Kopie Rave Bra

Eyecopi Kopie Rave Bra

This Eyecopi Kopie Rave Bra is everything and more! The eye takes over with a mesh of profound pigments. The colors come together seamlessly to explode from the eye and make this fit pop. Given the help of the beautiful bright blue and green iris, you may very well end up being the center of attention.

Check out iEDM’s Eyecopi Kopie Rave Bra HERE!


9) Magic Mushrooms Rave Bra 

Magic Mushrooms Rave Bra

This wave of magical mushrooms will send you to a majestic wonderland. With the Magic Mushrooms Rave Bra, made out of hundred percent of polyester, you will be comfortable all night. No more worrying about being in the crowd and getting attach to someone's hair or hydro-pack. Now you can dance and shuffle all night in style. 



8) Hallucinations Dark Honey Rave Bra

Hallucinations Dark Honey Rave Bra

Embark on a psychedelic journey with this Hallucinations Dark Honey Rave Bra. Overloaded with eccentric shapes and patterns that will lead someone into a hypnotic spell. If you need a top for your fit at a techno or trance show, this rave bra will be the perfect addition. 

Check out iEDM's Hallucinations Dark Honey Rave Bra HERE!

 Rave Bra, iEDM, Rave Fashion

7) Homie Rave Bra

Homie Rave Bra

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this rave bra is “Weekend at Burnsie’s”. If you know that episode of the Simpson’s you know exactly why my mind went there. Homer is taking over with colors that send him to a daze and confused state. This Homie Rave Bra is a go-to look to match with a cute colorful skirt and the Homie Bucket Hat.

Check out iEDM’s Homie Rave Bra HERE!





6) Magic Lyfe Rave Bra

Magic Lyfe Rave Bra

Transmitting a melting pot of color and floral blossoming designs, iEDM's Magic Lyfe Rave Bra is an amazing choice for Electric Forest. Known to deliver surges of good vibes and illuminating colors, this rave bra is much needed. Ideal to walk around in the magical forest through the towering trees. 

Check out iEDM's Magic Lyfe Rave Bra HERE!


5) Paradise Palm Trees Rave Bra

Paradise Palm Trees Rave Bra

Sit back and relax in with this Paradise Palm Trees Rave Bra. The palm trees sway through the glowing sunset-riddled sky. If you are still thinking on what to wear to Sunset Music Festival, this will be a great to pair with a black skirt, or booty shorts. Check out other bottom options HERE.


4) Galactic Drip Rave Bra

Galactic Drip Rave Bra

The Galactic Drip Rave Bra combines the colors burn together to create a melting effect. With the substantial of colors that mix with one another to exploded all over the rave bra. Check out iEDMs accessories to add more spice to your fit. 

Check out iEDM's Galactic Drip Rave Bra HERE!

Rave Bra, iEDM, Rave Fashion

3) Dream Waves Rave Bra

Dream Waves Rave Bra

Take a dive into the wonderful deep blue waves in the Dream Waves Rave Bra. The collision of deep blue waves create a euphoric feeling. A great completion of the fit would be the Dream Waves Booty Shorts. 

Check out iEDM’s Dream Waves Rave Bra HERE!


2) Junglist Rave Bra

Junglist Rave Bra

Time to take an adventure deep in the tropics with our Junglist Rave Bra. The beaming brilliant green optical color brings out the countless layers of leaves. This rave bra is an essential for the Deep Tropics music festival in Nashville. 

Check out iEDM's Junglist Rave Bra HERE!


1) Jesters Garb Rave Bra

Jesters Garb Rave Bra

Touching down at number one is the Jesters Garb Rave Bra. The variety of patterns that are jagged and sharp edges give the illusion of puzzle pieces. This design is extremely special and can be combined with a wide variety of bottoms. If you want the print on the top and bottom, you can take a peak at the Jesters Garb Booty Shorts.

Check out iEDM's Jesters Garb Rave Bra Madness HERE!


Photos courtesy of iEDM

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| May 15, 2023
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