Top 10 Space-Themed T-Shirts To Wear At Moonrise 2023

iEDM Moonrise Festival

| July 03, 2023

As our collective spaceship prepares for liftoff at Moonrise 2023, it is essential to ensure that all pre-launch checks are completed. One of the most important aspects of preparation is proper attire. 

These space-themed t-shirts will give you an 'out of this world' vibe while you dance all day and night at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. Whether your fashion style is geared toward outer space imagery, hypnotic patterns, or tantalizing color palettes, iEDM's space-themed t-shirts offer you the perfect array of options. Fellow space invaders – please fasten your seatbelts.


Check out iEDM's Top 10 Space-Themed T-Shirts To Wear At Moonrise 2023 below.


10) Splatter Alien T-Shirt

Splatter Alien T-Shirt

Our list begins with a true show-stopper. This t-shirt features a colorful alien head complete with an all-seeing third eye. Showing up to Moonrise in this top will let everyone know that while you are not here to mess around, you do come in peace. 

Check out iEDM's Splatter Paint Alien T-Shirt HERE!


9) Encounter Graphic T-Shirt

Encounter Graphic T-Shirt

Historically, alien invasions and spaceship abductions have been portrayed as terrifying in pop culture. We're here to reverse that trend. You should be ecstatic to have the opportunity to get beamed into outer space by the dozens of tremendous artists descending upon Moonrise this year. This ominous yet colorful shirt will prepare you for when those fateful 'encounters' occur. 

Check out iEDM's Encounter Graphic T-Shirt HERE!

8) Green Psychedelic Nebula T-Shirt

Green Psychedelic Nebula T-Shirt

Not every space-themed fit needs to carry alien abduction vibes with it. This nebulous t-shirt is as entrancing as it is simple. Green and blue with a hint of purple and white, it will leave you feeling prepared to explore the cosmos while your fellow astronauts gaze upon you in awe. 

Check out iEDM's Green Psychedelic Nebula T-Shirt HERE!


7) Floating Away Graphic T-Shirt

Floating Away Graphic T-Shirt

Come for the cool space suit, stay for the euphoric colors. Moonrise is the perfect setting for you to 'float away' in this beautiful graphic tee. Jaw-dropping shades of purple, orange, yellow, blue, and green adorn this gem, which seems to be saying “Houston, we have no problems. No problems at all…”

Check out iEDM's Floating Away Graphic T-Shirt HERE!


6) Northern Lights II T-Shirt

Northern Lights II T-Shirt

This mystifying piece boasts a stunning rendering of the northern lights, but with a twist (literally). The colorful night sky is twirling so hypnotically that anyone wearing this top could easily expect to neutralize any oncoming foes. Beautiful and thought-provoking, the Northern Lights II T-Shirt is perfect for the philosophical ravers among us.  

Check out iEDM's Northern Lights II T-Shirt HERE!





5) Golden 2.0 T-Shirt

Golden 2.0 T-Shirt

This shirt is so unique that it practically speaks for itself. The rich gold coloring will make you one of the most eye-catching astronauts at the space station. Shuffle into the festival with this one and you will quickly notice you feel like a million bucks. 

Check out iEDM's Golden 2.0 T-Shirt HERE!

Photo courtesy of @Jaayvoyager

4) Poi Goddess Graphic T-Shirt

Poi Goddess Graphic T-Shirt

Many come to the festival to be entertained by the ethereal performing acts. However, there are a precious few who live to perform flow arts, thus becoming de facto performers themselves. Enter, Poi Gods and Goddesses. This enchanting graphic tee depicts a poi goddess flowing in the purple and blue sky, just above a stunning sunset and the serene ocean waves. 

Check out iEDM's Poi Goddess Graphic T-Shirt HERE!


3) 80s Astronaut T-Shirt

80's Astronaut T-Shirt

It could be argued that no shirt captures the “outer space rave” experience better than our 80s Astronaut T-Shirt. Floating amongst a galaxy of stars, this astronaut is being bombarded with enough lightning and lasers to make Excision jealous. No seriously, you're going to look exactly like the dude on the shirt no matter what you're wearing, so you might as well rock this dope piece and become one with the cosmic rave vibe. 

Check out iEDM's 80s Astronaut T-Shirt HERE!


2) Sloth Abduction T-Shirt

Sloth Abduction T-Shirt

Some ravers love to rage, and others love to chill. This sloth abduction tee is ideal for any Moonrise attendee who is unbothered by the prospect of alien abduction. If you know how to consistently maintain a positive outlook on life, and you enjoy the colors teal and purple, then this piece was made just for you.

Check out iEDM's Sloth Abduction T-Shirt HERE!

1) Free Fall T-Shirt

Free Fall T-Shirt

Perhaps no design known to man encapsulates the feeling of a great rave better than this spellbinding shirt. A human figure can be seen leaping from the overwhelming grasp of corporate life and into a limitless cosmic portal, filled with dance music and cool colors. For a special two days in August, you will have the opportunity to experience just that. Take advantage and get ready to blast off!

Check out iEDM's Free Fall T-Shirt HERE!



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