Top 10 T-Shirts To Wear To Electric Zoo: Hyperspace

Electric Zoo

| August 01, 2023

As the tail-end of summer draws near, it brings a slew of insanely stacked music festivals with it. Ravers from the northeast and beyond are turning their attention to New York City's Electric Zoo: Hyperspace, which will be curating the vibes on Randall's Island from September 1-3. This is the 14th edition of the festival, and the lineup is as strong as ever, boasting heavy hitters from a wide array of sub-genres. 

Electric Zoo represents an annual opportunity for city-bound ravers to flaunt their wacky and wild fashion senses. If you need a mesmerizing t-shirt to wear to E-Zoo 2023, then look no further.

Check out iEDM's Top 10 T-Shirts To Wear To Electric Zoo: Hyperspace below.

10) Jurassic Drop Cut T-Shirt

Jurassic Drop Cut T-Shirt

Since this is Electric ZOO, it's only right that we start off with an animal-themed shirt. This unisex drop cut features ferocious purple and blue T-Rex heads. Not for the faint of heart, this piece would look great on anyone stomping around to the filthy drops at Excision's set. 

Check out iEDM's Jurassic Drop Cut Unisex T-Shirt HERE!


9) Back To Reality T-Shirt

Back To Reality T-Shirt

With this festival taking place on the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, the Back To Reality T-Shirt is an eerily accurate depiction. Deep purples and greens lead the way on this shirt's tantalizing color palette. This trippy piece carries a message: appreciate the beauty of this festival while you're living in the moment; it is not every day that we get to dance with our friends. 

Check out iEDM's Back To Reality T-Shirt HERE!


8) Tiger Realm Graphic T-Shirt

Tiger Realm Graphic T-Shirt

Keeping with the animal theme, the Tiger Realm Graphic T-Shirt features an intensely focused tiger. Comprised of bright, colorful strokes on a black background, the tiger emanates a vibe of peace and virtue. If you're the type to quietly watch over your fellow rave homies, then this one is ideal for you.

Check out iEDM's Tiger Realm Graphic T-Shirt HERE!


7) Psychedelic Tribal Drop Cut T-Shirt

Psychedelic Tribal Drop Cut T-Shirt

Calling all masters of psychedelic exploration: we've found your new uniform. This unisex drop-cut tee is equal parts beautiful and entrancing. Blues, greens, purples and oranges all play a role in this multi-layered design. Don't be surprised if a fellow supernatural raver asks to swap shirts with you when they see this!

Check out iEDM's Psychedelic Tribal Drop Cut T-Shirt HERE!


6) Cosmic Vomit T-Shirt

Cosmic Vomit T-Shirt

A touch of humor goes a long way here. Many ravers have experienced mild nausea at a festival for one reason or another. However, rallying can produce moments of unrivaled beauty later on. The Cosmic Vomit T-Shirt is made for those who take these moments of adversity in style and stride. Not recommended for those with a weak stomach.

Check out iEDM's Cosmic Vomit T-Shirt HERE!


5) Blacklight Weed Graphic T-Shirt

Blacklight Weed Graphic T-Shirt

Remember your childhood friend's older brother, who first introduced you to weed and blacklight in the same night? He would love this shirt, but you and your rave crew will love it even more. Simple but effective, this multicolored weed leaf set on a black background is a surefire way to look groovy at Electric Zoo.

Check out iEDM's Blacklight Weed Graphic T-Shirt HERE!


4) Drip Drop Cut T-Shirt

Drip Drop Cut T-Shirt

If you love music that causes you to melt, then the drip drop cut shirt is likely aligned with your tastes. It looks as though someone dumped blue, yellow, and purple paint on you – but in a talented way. You are sure to receive some compliments and well-intentioned stares while rocking this top.  

Check out iEDM's Drip Drop Cut T-Shirt HERE!





3) Beach Sunset T-Shirt

Beach Sunset T-Shirt

Turn Randall's Island into the shores of Maui with iEDM's Beach Sunset T-Shirt. This shirt is perfect for those who wish that they could bottle up the vibe of a sunset set and bring it with them all the time. Prominently displaying a red-orange-yellow sunset behind a stunning scene of mountains, palm trees, and water, this piece will insert you straight into paradise. 

Check out iEDM's Beach Sunset T-Shirt HERE!


2) EDM Uncle Sam T-Shirt

EDM Uncle Sam T-Shirt

For some ravers, bringing their own energy to a festival is not enough. They thrive off of encouraging others to party passionately as well. If this describes you, then you are a wonderful candidate to wear the EDM Uncle Sam T-Shirt. It is especially perfect for people who prefer to rock a casual-looking t-shirt instead of something super trippy. 

Check out iEDM's EDM Uncle Sam T-Shirt HERE!


1) Pineal Swirl Drop Cut T-Shirt

Pineal Swirl Drop Cut T-Shirt

While number two is great for those who are looking for a simple yet effective t-shirt to wear to Electric Zoo, number one is made for those who enjoy inducing hypnosis in their friends and fellow ravers. Swirls of yellow, blue, red, and more come together on this top in a seemingly endless pattern. If you have the courage to be the person whose outfit everyone is discussing, then you are morally obligated to rock the pineal swirl drop cut tee.

Check out iEDM's Pineal Swirl Drop Cut T-Shirt HERE!

Pineal Swirl

Photo courtesy of @radiant.reina & @trippy2more2_mu2ic on Instagram. Click the pic to check out our entire Pineal Swirl collection!


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