Top 10 Totems From Hulaween 2018

| November 02, 2018

This year's Hulaween was one for the books. Despite some rain, the festival spirit was still incredible vibes with hilarious, creepy and creative halloween costumes all around. There's a reason we named it on our list of the top 10 anticipated festivals for 2018

One of our favorite parts of Hulaween was the awesome totems that people created to add to the art of the festival and be a stand out marker to find your friends. 

If you are the one who holds the rave stick, you are a dedicated squad leader. These totems make us laugh and truly show the unique and funny vibes of your crew. From bass heads to house lovers, Hulaween offers an immersive festival experience for everyone. 

Here are iEDM's top 10 totems from Hulaween 2018.  


10. Piñata 

If you're a Dillon Francis fan, you probably call this best friend Gerald. If you are just a candy lover, then this traditional piñata may be spilling our treats all weekend. Either way, your friends can find you next to the rainbow jack ass. 



9. Pray to Fart

This gaseous being from Rick and Morty speaks telepathically and asks us to pray to fart. If you are a Rick & Morty fan, you will laugh. 



8. Pro Dog

These cute puppers from Isle of Dogs always finds their friends. We are pro dogs, ready to take on the festival, tie-dye and all. Hear us bark! 



7. Turtle Crossing 

The sandy lake beach of Spirit Lake is the perfect environment for these Turtles to crossover and come party!



6. Turn Down For Butt

Tina from Bobs Burgers came to Hulaween to turn down for butt and we are happy to see her. She's got her LED rave glasses on and is ready to party Tina style.  



5. Bassmander

Our favorite fiery Pokemon, Charmander is swinging some heat, with his Bassnectar tail, he’s sure to turn heads. Unfortunately Bassnectar was not on the lineup this year, but the bass heads are always reppin'. 



4. Show Me What You Got

This Rick and Morty inspired totem keeps it lit on the dance floor. The matching professor hair really adds the perfect touch making this our favorite totem-costume combo. 



3. More Sets

String Cheese plays everyday, but trust me, we want more sets. This guy's friends can find him at the front of the stage with his bass face, drooling for more. 



2. Free Hugs

This free hugs hoop crossing sign warms our hearts. String Cheese fans are the happiest, more fun-loving, positively radiant fans who will hug everyone they meet. String Cheese used to throw hoops into the crowd to encourage hooping at their festivals and events and now it's become a sign to represent the band that curates this incredible festival. 



1. This Is A Good Sign

This totem radiates positivity, good vibes and the best part is that it even comes equipped with cup holders. Now totem holding has a useful purpose beyond finding your crew. This IS a good sign! 


Hulaween was once again one of our favorite festivals of the year. This event curated by String Cheese Incident goes above and beyond in production featuring the awe-inspiring Spirit Lake filled with the most amazing art installations. We look forward to next year! 


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