10 Most Anticipated Sets For Hulaween 2018

| October 16, 2018

Suwannee Hulaween is hands down one of the best music festivals out there! The venue is gorgeous, the art is plentiful and the halloween costumes are outrageous in all the best ways.

The spooky vibes and incredible art installations inside the Spirit Lake is only part of the reason we listed on our Top 10 Festivals for 2018. We also have awarded Suwannee Music Park as one of the Top 10 Outdoor Venues in the U.S. for it's Spanish moss that decorates the gorgeous grounds. 

My favorite part of this Southern Fall festival is the diverse lineup complete with various different genres and stacked with artists trending right now.

Here are 10 artists not to miss at Hulaween 2018.


10. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is queen. If you haven’t caught her this year, don’t miss this incredible show stopping performance! Over the top costumes, dance moves, and a soulful voice come together on stage as she tours her 2018 album Dirty Computer.




9. Ill-Esha 

Producer, songwriter, DJ, singer, I’ll-esha does it all. This multi-talented performer is sure to turn heads. If you haven’t checked out her latest album “Altered States” then you are in for a treat. Don’t miss this incredible talent.




8. Break Science

Break Science’s fresh take on electronic music makes their latest album “Grid of Souls” an easy listen and a must see this year at Suwannee. The Colorado duo will be on stage with a live band and is sure to get your feet moving. This album is a personal favorite this year, with hit tracks like “Crazy Lately” featuring ProbCause.




7. Fisher

Fresh from Dirtybird Campout, Fisher is holding it down for the house heads With his hit single “Losing it,” Fisher is a great addition to this years Suwannee line up. Bringing some bassy vibes to the classic house genre and helping fans lose control on the dance floor.





This Jazz funk electro fusion act is sure to be a hit. Gaining popularity on the internet for there quirky music videos and interesting sound, KNOWER tours all over the world and are a perfect fit for Suwannee. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to see this unique duo take funk to the next level with a live band.




5. Jade Cicada


This one is sure to turn some heads. Jade Cicada recently graduated from Berkeley, where he studied sound design. His years of training have expanded his productions to epic proportions. Every track he releases offers clean, low, phat baselines paired with beautiful and soaring melodies. Some people refer to him as “Mini Tipper."




4. Gramatik

Anyone who regularly goes to music festivals knows the name “Gramatik.” From his solo sets, to live band, to the rare sightings of the supergroup “Big Grizmatik,” this Slovenian musician has been mesmerizing festival goers for years. His music pushes the envelope of electronic music by heavily sampling songs and sounds from every decade, blending it with a fresh dose of danceable hip hop & funk beats. 




3. The String Cheese Incident

Our phenomenal host will be playing each night and none are to be missed. String Cheese is a flawlessly experimental multi-genre band that exceeds all expectations. Their Saturday night set is not to be missed, ever. It will go with the theme and blow away all expectations. 




2. Jamiroquai


It’s an understatement to say we’re all excited for Jamiroquai. If you don’t know who they are, just think of the choreographed dance from Napoleon Dynamite - he danced to a Jamiroquai song! Straight out of the 90’s, these guys have been making funky disco heaters for over 25 years and this year at Hulaween they will grace us with their presence.




1. Tipper 

If you don’t know how absolutely incredible Tipper is, Suwannee Hulaween is an incredible opportunity to experience this awesome weirdness live. Definitely one of the hottest acts of 2018 and a must see without a doubt. Experimental bass sounds and psychedelic visuals come together in a way that feels unique and original each time you experience it!


Hulaween is just around the corner, so get your halloween costumes ready! Here's inspiration for 10 Easy Costume Ideas For This Halloween


Can't make it to Hulaween? Check out 10 EDM Festivals To Hit Up This Halloween HERE.  

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