Top 10 Totems of Bonnaroo 2017

| June 15, 2017

Totems are a representation of our festy squads. Some represent where you come from, the creativity within, and the ideas that are created when you come together. We find our friends with them when our phones go dead or cell service is non-existent, which happens a lot at raves

Manchester, Tennessee was flooded with creativity from all over the world this past weekend for Bonnaroo's 16th annual festival. Love, light, and originality were expressed in the most imaginative way.

With an attendance of over 65,000 people, we were not able to catch all the amazing totems, but we were able to capture 10 of the beauties to share with the world! 


1. It's All Aliens And Unicorns 

Not only are the totems marvelous, look at this squad. Their vibe radiates! The alien is packing a bottle full of wine. So, instead of slapping the bag, what are we slapping here? Also, can I ride the unicorn after that? I want to party with them! 


2. If You're Lost, Come Dance With Us

We go to music festivals to get lost and then found. Creative, colorful, and welcoming, this one is fun to just look at. There's nothing quite like getting lost in a crowd dancing with people that you've never met, yet still feeling some kind of connection and belonging. I wonder just how many people they found with this one. 


3. Wilson Totem 

This one has more to it than meets the eye. The wilson totem was created by a group who lost their friend with the last name Wilson amongst 60,000 people at Sunset Music Festival. Later, at Imagine Music Festival they used him for the first time. As he served his purpose, they created laughter and joy. Now they're mission is to raise support for anxiety and depression. Their team consists of 60 volunteers and proceeds go to organizations that help people in need. Check them out by clicking HERE. 


4. Choosing Sides 

Which would you choose? Hulu and Commitment or Netflix and Chill. Go to the dark side or keep working the light? Decisions, decisions. Regardless of what you choose, it's always Sunny in Philadelphia. 


5. That Way 

Panda, panda, panda. I got broads in Atlanta. If you're from the A, you know how to rep it. A totem like this is a great way to meet like minded people that are from the same place are you, but in places hundreds and even thousands of miles from home.


6. Nature's Magic 

All of nature's goodies in one picture. Beautiful colors, wonderful people, the magic that happens when thousands of people unite for their love of art, music, and each other, and the rest, well the flag says it all. 


7. Lazer Noodles 

You know where to find this one if EDM favorite Major Lazer is on the line up! At night, the glowing totems lit up the crowd, creating and amazing view at anywhere in the festival, from the stage view to crowd view. These made the night time experience even more colorful than it already was. 


8. The Crazy Corndog Story

These two guys have been to 15 Bonnaroos! Corndogs have been an obsession of theirs, and on their first corndog of Bonnaroo 2016, they started a corndog chant that evolved into a huge crowd chanting it with them. That wasn't where the corndog gods stopped. Later that night they found a lady with this sign and asked to buy it. After looking at them several times but not saying a word, she just handed them the sign and walked off. This year, they spiffed it up and used it as a totem. Nothing could represent their squad better. 


9. Put The Sharpie Where? 

This is a multi purpose totem. Not only can you find your friends, but you can have everyone that witnessed the epic adventure to sign it. She has kandi for those that sign and comes complete with a sharpie holder. Can you guess where I signed? I wish I could tell you what all of the kandi said, but my mom would kill me. 


10. Bringing Back The 90's Baby 

As a 90s baby, I love this. It reminds me of my favorite cartoon. I watched it through out the entire magical experience of childhood. If you want to rep your generation, this is the way to go. 90s kids are the best! 


Thank you Bonnaroo 2017 for bring such amazing attendees, artists, and staff together to create such an awesome experience for everyone involved. You all looked great in your EDM clothes and the vibes were great. We had an amazing time meeting all of you and hope to see you at our next festival, Electric Forest!

Check out my Bonnaroo 2017 Review HERE

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Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

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