Top 10 Totems Of Imagine Music Festival 2017

| September 29, 2017

The fourth annual Imagine Music Festival took place past weekend. It's the festival's second year taking place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, with a camping option. This year, the entertainment and production was even bigger and better.

A big part of what makes a festival so unique and gives it its own vibe, is the crowd that it attracts. Creativity is expressed in so many ways during this three-day aquatic fairytale, and one of those is by creating a totem for your squad. 

Sometimes you may lose service (which impressively, did not happen at Imagine), or your phone may die.  Not only are they creative, they are also very convenient for finding your friends when you wander off and have no way to contact them. 

This year, the totems showed that the crowd was full of people with lively imaginations. Here are the ten that we found to be the best. 


1. The Squishy Squad 

These lovely people spent FIVE days making this! Their project came together perfectly and even has a name, Squishy. Last year the two jellyfish floating high above the festival had the squishy squad in awe, so they were inspired to make one themselves. Look out for them next year. They are expecting to be back with improvements at Imagine 2018. 



2. Colorado Dreams  


You can't tell how intricate it is in the squad pic. So, I gave you two pictures to see how amazing this totem is, and also the wonderful tribe it came from. They traveled a long way from their home of Colorado to catch this epic weekend and brought their imagination creation with them. 



3. Illegal Alien 

They went all-out with their clothes and totem. I wonder if they had to sneak him in to the festival. This cute little fella had no clue what kind of weekend was ahead of him. If he gets deported, atleast he'll have one hell of a story to tell. 



4. Litty Titty Committee 

LIT is a perfect description of the weekend. There were pretty lights, bright people, and elevated perspectives. The Litty Titty Committee uses their brilliant litty strategy to attend EDM events, and have vibrant experiences. Stay lit fam. 



5. In Memory Of Kirk Schwartz 

Last year's Imagine was amazing, but some came home to heartbreaking news. One of Bass Family Atlanta's beloved members passed away. This year, they made sure he would be with them the whole time! I've met Kirk a few times myself. He was full of smiles and truly welcoming. My condolences Bass Fam, I would've loved the opportunity to really know him. Rest In peace. 



6. Magical Jellyfish 

Going with the Atlantis theme is always a fun way to celebrate the uniqueness of Imagine. Contributing to the aquatic theme gave it even more of the underwater fairytale-like experience. Mermaids, sea goddesses, and bubble princesses were all around, while jellyfish were floating all through the festival. 



7. Mario Mystery Cart 

Mario has been around longer than a lot of us! This takes some people way back to when they were kids, and not just 90s babies. What do think is in the box? Hopefully some 1-up or gold mushrooms, not the poisonous kind. 



8. Ninja Turtle 

Something that takes people back to their childhood is always fun when you are running around playing at a festival. They are basically our escape from reality playgrounds. Why not color something amazing, tote it with you to show everyone, and keep up with your friends. Ninja turtles are the perfect throwback. 



9. Rick And Morty 

This modern cartoon has got everyone obsessed. This mad scientist and his grandson split their time between their family life and cosmic adventures. Sounds like our lives. Don't even trip dog, Imagine Music Festival 2018 will be here before you know it, so we can get schwifty. 



10. Hipno Pokémon

Hipno is known for its psychic abilities. He's loaded with kandi Pokémon cards and has the cutest little toosh. All he's missing is his Green Bay Packers jersey. It's football season, and these guys know how to show their team spirit! 


There were many more creative totems. We loved all of them. Thanks to all of the people that made Imagine so wonderful by bringing your good vibes and using your lively imaginations.  

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Photo Credit: Kylie the Creator

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Kylie de la Bruyere

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