Top 10 Women’s Rave-Wear To Spice Up Your Spring Wardrobe

| May 02, 2023

Spring has sprung and festival season is off to an amazing start! There is no better time to start planning your next iconic rave outfit than now. Festival fashion is continuously evolving, and it is more rewarding than ever to express yourself through your personalized rave outfits. If you are looking for style inspiration from the latest in rave fashion, you have come to the right place. iEDM’s women’s rave-wear collection features standout festival fashion that will steal the show at your next event. iEDM is the leader in mind-blowing wearable art that is known for its comfort. Here are our top 10 picks for women’s rave-wear essentials you need to spice up your spring wardrobe!


Check out iEDM’s Top 10 Women’s Rave-Wear To Spice Up Your Spring Wardrobe below.


10) Tigre Realm Fleece Crop Hoodie 

The graceful tiger artwork on the Tigre Realm Fleece Crop Fleece Hoodie will emphasize your fierce and passionate side. The divine rainbow hues amplify the tiger’s bold features, giving anyone that wears this piece an undeniably strong presence. This hoodie is ideal for any animal enthusiast that also loves to rave!

Check out the Tigre Realm Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE!


9) Galaxy Mandala Fleece Crop Hoodie

The Galaxy Mandala Crop Fleece Hoodie puts a mesmerizing spin on the beloved mandala design. The lively colors paired with the detailed pattern will make a statement wherever you go. The fleece hoodie will keep you warm while the crop style makes it versatile for spring weather.

Check out the Galaxy Mandala Crop Hoodie HERE!


Get a glimpse into an unearthly kaleidoscopic paradise with the Find Solstice Zip-Up Hoodie. The galactic-inspired mountain scenery gives this hoodie a picturesque feel. A vibrant and comfortable hoodie like this is sure to be a staple in your rave wardrobe this spring.

Check out the Find Solstice Zip-Up Hoodie HERE! 





7) Tree of Life Zip-Up Hoodie

The Tree of Life Zip-Up Hoodie features a cherished design that symbolizes the life force connecting us all in this world and beyond. The dazzling all-over print symbol is elegantly enhanced with a starry night sky backdrop. This hoodie would suit the occasion at any festival, especially when surrounded by nature at an outdoor event.

Check out the Tree of Life Zip-Up Hoodie HERE!



6) Cat O’Flage Women’s Tank Top

If you want a top that will bring smiles and laughter wherever you wear it, you need the Cat O’Flage Women’s Tank Top in your life. This playful take on a camouflage pattern will have others doing double takes and laughing when they realize there are cats everywhere! This top will make you look adorable while giving you optimal comfort and support.

Check out the Cat O’Flage Women’s Tank Top HERE!


5) Fractaled Vision Women’s Tank Top 

The Fractaled Vision Women’s Tank Top features next-level fractal art that is designed for maximum enthrallment. Fractal art is a rising trend in rave-wear this season, so this radiant tank top is a great addition to any outfit this spring. You can also pair it with a matching bucket hat to elevate the look even further.                           

Check out the Fractaled Vision Women’s Tank Top HERE!


4) Vice Crop Top 

We all know that spring showers bring May flowers, and the Vice Crop Top is a beautiful representation of that. This floral design celebrates the splendor of spring while enhancing your feminine energy. The cooler tones will also suit the vibes of the breezy climate at spring festivals.

Check out the Vice Crop Top HERE!


3) Butterfly Vibez Crop Top 

Butterfly art is a classic print that every festival girl needs in their rave-wear collection. The Butterfly Vibez Crop Top will help you embody growth and transformation while looking dreamy. The neon pattern also plays into the Y2K aesthetic and is something you can incorporate into your everyday style.

Check out the Butterfly Vibez Crop Top HERE!



2) Aqua Realm Leggings

The Aqua Realm Leggings are one of iEDM’s latest design additions to its festival collection. The abstract swirls are brought to life with mesmerizing pigments. iEDM’s leggings are sublimated to ensure detailed print while being flexible and supportive.

Check out the Aqua Realm Leggings HERE!


1) Darkest Bloom Leggings 


The Darkest Bloom Leggings consist of an eye-catching floral print against lustrous black fabric. The contrast between the flowers and dark background gives these leggings an edgy vibe while still being delicate. These floral leggings are a top spring essential in iEDM’s rave wear collection.

Check out the Darkest Bloom Leggings HERE!



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