Top 3 Moments From EDCLV

| June 30, 2016

EDC Las Vegas is currently one of the biggest festivals in the world, drawing over 300,000 people. It’s a once in a lifetime festival that every EDM fan should have on their bucket list.

To say Vegas was hot this past weekend would be an understatement. Scorching desert temps made finding the secret water tent that sprayed misters at you one of the best moments. However, the heat never slowed down the party.

Now that we’re all back to reality and recovered from the madness, let's relive the top 3 moments at the 20th anniversary under the electric sky.

1. Basspod Sets Fire

If bass music is your jam, you probably spent a lot of time at the bassPOD Stage. While DJ’s like Brillz and Excision threw down majorly epic sets, the real MVP of the stage would be Andy C. His set was straight fire, literally. In the middle of his set one of the X’s of the stage actually set fire. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries and the party continued shortly after, once they got the stage back up and running. Not many DJs can say that their set was so lit that they’ve ever actually had the stage get lit on fire.

2. Marshmello Revealed as Tiesto

The masked DJ Marshmello popped up in the scene a little over a year and a half ago and was instantly supported by already well known acts like Jauz. While his identity has gone unknown he quickly started playing major music festivals and main stages all over the place. At EDC during his set, he decided to announce he was going to take off his helmet, revealing none other than Tiesto. The artist had been assumed to be Dotcom by most and people were quick to freak out. Shortly after the hype died down and a picture surfaced of the real Marshmello with his helmet, next to Tiesto in another Marshmello suit shaking hands. Turns out, it was all just one big troll and the real identity of Marshmello is still unknown. Well played Tiesto, well played.

3. Anna Lunoe Becomes First Female To Play Main Stage

In addition to all the awesome events that happened, history was made for female DJs everywhere at EDC. Sometimes we tend to forget the fact that our music scene is currently dominated by male DJs. This past weekend Anna Lunoe became the first ever female DJ to play the main stage at EDCLV solo. The next night, Alison Wonderland ws the second female to destroy the main stage. The two of them have set the bar pretty high and we’re pretty excited to see what other female DJs will follow at future main stages.


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