iEDM's Top 5 Curated Outfits for Halloween 2023


| October 20, 2023

Hello to spooky season! Halloween is right around the corner so let's get started looking into the perfect fits! Coming up with what to wear can be stressful, but we have got you covered. Even if these fits are not for you, hopefully you will get inspo from these curated looks that are hand-picked for the end of October.

Just wait and see, we have all the ideas that will get your brain going on what you should wear this Halloween. Happy Spooky Season loves! 

Check out iEDM's Top 5 Women’s Outfits For Halloween 2023 below.


5) Down The Rabbit Hole Hoodie Dress and Down The Rabbit Hole Bandana Mask

Down the rabbit hole combo

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality.” One of my favorite characters in Alice in Wonderland is The Cheshire Cat. If you love him just as much as I do, this outfit is for you. I personally would pair the Down the Rabbit Hole Bandana Mask. You can also add in purple or black leggings if you get cold.

Even packing them in your hydro pack at a festival for nighttime would be useful. This is the time of the year when it can be hot during the day and cold as f*ck at night. If you have some cool chunky sneakers or platforms to pair with this, I would definitely put that together, it would be so cute. And bring out your imagination with this fit! Add some face paint, whatever fits your vibe. 

Check out iEDM's Down the Rabbit Hole Hoodie Dress HERE!

Check out iEDM’s Down the Rabbit Hole Bandana Mask HERE!


4) Halloween Inferno Hoodie Dress and Fright Night Leggings 

Halloween inferno hoodie dress with Fright night leggings

Nothing screams Halloween more than this fit right here. With the mix of hues of orange, red, white, and black, it is undoubtedly giving Happy Halloween, and I am here for it. The skull melts off into coruscating shades, spilling infinitely all over the hoodie dress. 

This is paired with leggings to bring out the hidden burnt orange in the hoodie dress, along with bringing in more skulls and spooky vibes with spiders and their webs. You can pair this with white or black shoes to give more attention to your bomb fit!

Check out iEDM's Halloween Inferno Hoodie Dress HERE!

Check out iEDM's Fright Night Leggings HERE!


3) Spooky Season Hoodie Dress and Leggings Combo and GloFx Diffraction Ski Googles

spooky season combo with Diffraction ski googles
If you are into the spooky season but really like the creepy stuff that comes with it, this combo is just for you. Ghosts hover across both patterns with pigments of purple, orange, white, and hints of blue. These are also sold separately as the Spooky Season Hoodie Dress and the Spooky Season Leggings

If you like one more than the other, I would personally add in a top or bottom that is a dominant color of the pieces, with the diffraction ski googles. I have a pair of these myself and love them! 

Check out iEDM's Spooky Season Hoodie Dress and Leggings Combo HERE!

Check out iEDM's GloFX Diffraction Ski Googles HERE!


2) Pennywise Hoodie Dress and Black Pattern Leggings 

Pennywise Hoodie dress and black pattern leggings

Well, if it isn't the villainous and terrifying Pennywise himself. This will for sure draw in some eyes on Halloween. I paired in the Black leggings, as Pennywise is a big enough statement piece for Halloween.

Doing this fit with a friend, or partner, would be amazing. One person can be Pennywise and the other can be Georgie. It could also be a rave group fit as rave mom and dad Pennywise and the group is all the children from the book. Just a couple of options to get you thinking for this Halloween coming up. 

Check out iEDM's Pennywise Hoodie Dress HERE!

Check out iEDM's Black Pattern Leggings HERE! 


1) Suger Skull Hoodie Dress and Leggings Combo and Furry Party Animal Diffraction Googles 

Suger Skull combo with Furry Googles

Saving the best for last, my number one favorite out of all of these is this combo with the furry googles. Just as you see here now, the combo of the leggings and hoodie dress is just as vibrant in person.

From top to bottom, the beautiful design and hues never ends. Adding in the furry googles with colorful platforms or sneakers, pure perfection! My personal favorite out of the furry googles are the colorful furry with clear lens as they are so adorable, and can really bring any outfit to life. 

Check out iEDM's Floral Suger Skull Hoodie Dress and Leggings Combo HERE!

Check out iEDM's Furry Party Animal Diffraction Googles HERE!


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Synardia Peoples


Synardia is from Kansas City, Missouri. When she’s not writing for iEDM you can probably find her hula-hooping, at a festival, or both. Two of Synardia’s biggest hobbies are painting and fashion.

“I love expressing myself through my clothes. Also, I have an obsession with plushies, so if you see a girl head banging at the rail with a plushy, it’s most likely me.”

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