Top 5 Rave Glove Sets Under $35

| November 23, 2017

Ravers are some of the easiest people to shop for...if you're a raver. But if you're out of the scene, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to shop for the raver in your life.

Do they wear rave gear or artist merch? Would they wear kaleidoscope glasses or diffractions? Sometimes the sheer amount of options can be a bit overwhelming. But if you want to please any raver in your life, glow gear is a safe way to go.

Ravers love lights, and light shows, so what better gift to give ravers than the gift of flow art?

We've compiled a list of top 5 rave glove sets under $35. Perfect for the raver starting to glove, learning new moves or someone who just wants to experiment with flow art, you can't disappoint. 


1. 10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set


A great pair of starter gloves, our 10 Light Premier Assorted Gloves are a great pair of gloves within their price range. These offer a glover's must-have for gloves: options. You can pick from a variety of different diffusers, from orbs, to open or close-ended, to thick or thin diffusers to give the best possible light shows. The premier microlights are some of the brightest and most durable on the market. Get started gloving with one of our favorite beginner gloves.



2. GloFX Team Glove Set: Spearmint 




The GloFX Team Glove Set in Spearmint offers a cool color palette in greens, blues and purples. The Spearmint Glove Set utilizes opaque closed diffusers to allow your microlights to disperse smoothly and evenly across your fingertips. The GloFX Team Glove Set has some of the best and longest-lasting batteries on the market, you won't need to worry about your lights dying out on you at your next festival. Show your favorite glover that you care this holiday season with a pair of gloves that offer cool and comforting colors all night long. 


3. GloFX Team Glove Set: Arctic Crush 




The GloFX Team Glove Set in Arctic Crush features brilliant pink, blue, green and purple microlights to create a memorable light show. These gloves feature ribbon-effect microlights in both thumbs (in blue and purple respectively), strobe-effect microlights in the index, middle and ring fingers (in combinations of purple, blue, white and green) and ribbon-effect microlights in the pinkys (both in pink). The mesmerizing colors and different light patterns give you a variety of options to stun and amaze during your next light show. 



 4. GloFX Team Glove Set: Pennywise 



The GloFX Team Glove Set in Pennywise uses the creepy clown's signature flaming red hue as the main color in this themed glove set. Other circus colors are used throughout the gloves, including orange, green, purple and blue, to create a haunting and mesmerizing color palette for your next light show. The thumbs on these gloves use red ribbon lights, and the index, ring and pinky fingers use tri-colored strobes in red, green and blue. The middle finger also uses a ribbon light, red-orange in one and purple in the other. Get these gloves for the It fan in your life and make their next light show Pennywise-themed. 



5. GloFX Team Glove Set: Wabbajack



The GloFX Team Glove Set in Wabbajack uses a rainbow of colors to light up the night. These gloves use a variety of different styled microlights to give your light show versatility and style. The thumbs on these gloves use a 7 color fantasy flasher microlights in red, green and blue. The middle and pinky fingers use strobe microlights in turquoise and soft white respectively. The index fingers utilize tricolor ribbon microlights in pink, green and blue, while the ring fingers use 6 color strobe microlights. Your next light show will be filled with lights, colors and all the style that GloFX has to offer. 


Ready to flow? Check out the rest of our Glow Gear HERE. If gloves aren't your thing, have no fear because iEDM has a variety of orbits, poi and flow lights, space whips and more. 


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Lindsey Moriyama

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