Tritonal Discusses "Good Thing" Music Video and Halloween in an iEDM Exclusive Interview

| October 18, 2017

Chad Cisneros and David Reed had an amazing summer. The successful duo from Austin, Texas, form Tritonal--one of the most popular acts in the EDM industry today.

iEDM recently had the chance to catch up with Chad and David to discuss a variety of different subjects including their "Good Thing" music video featuring Laurell that dropped in September. If you are looking for a "good" pick-me-up, Tritonal knocks it out of the park with their latest effort.



iEDM: Hey guys!  It's great to finally talk with both of you. How did you, Chad and Dave, decide that you wanted to come together to create Tritonal?

Chad: Hey man, thanks for having us! Dave and I became really good internet friends back in 2007. We started listening to tons of music together online as well as sending each other beats we were working on! Our friendship was the basis for a natural outflow of a business relationship!

iEDM: I would say it all turned out pretty well because guys like Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, and Tiësto have supported your work. How do you feel when they show love that way?

Chad: Getting support from other DJs always feels good, because it validates your creativity in some way, I guess. That said, all the guys you mentioned are just that--guys. They're just normal human beings using their God given talent to create. We are all creative creatures though. We are creating our lives with every thought, every word, every action with each and every day we are given! Remember that validation is fun...but ultimately it's just another opinion.

iEDM: Very well said my man. Why was it important for you two to be co-owners of a record label? 

Chad: Because creative control over everything we do is important to us. We don't want a label telling us what music to make, how to make it, when to release it and everything else that goes along with it. If you want to do something awesome in life, do it yourself.

iEDM: Taking the power back!  I love it. What are your thoughts on your music video for "Good Thing?" You got some pretty impressive players involved!

Chad: Sooooo yummy! I love that it's a super easy, uplifting video to watch. I also like that it's very simple in its nature.

iEDM: I'm with you. I've got it on repeat. Speaking of uplifting things, the North American tour looks pretty sick. What can fans expect when they come out to your show? Any surprises you want to hint at?

Chad: Well, we've been working so hard on new songs, and are ready to start playing them out! 'The Horizon Tour' will be a testing ground for so much new music!

iEDM: Besides our love for new music, we also love festivals at iEDM. What are a few of your favorite festival memories?

Dave: Whew, man. Let's go way back to EDC Las Vegas. It all starts there for sure! It was such an amazing experience. Then out to Australia for Creamfields--we got to play all throughout there. We absolutely LOVE the Gorge!

iEDM: Let's switch direction for a hot second and get serious. Why did you decide to end it when you did and start the XM show?

Dave: It wasn't really an ending to us, it was more of a transition. We know how many could perceive it to be an 'ending' but we really wanted to line our selves up more with who we are as artists - take what we love from Air Up There and bringing with us into Tritonia - a forever morphing and changing journey. Air Up There had a long run!

iEDM: What was it like working with Cash Cash on the hit song, "Untouchable?"

Dave: AMAZING! We love those guys! We had such a great time together on the 'Untouchable' Tour which ran through nearly 50 cities back in 2015. We all worked together well and just vibed off of each others energy. Good times!



iEDM: It sounds that way just by looking at the fan reaction! Halloween is around the corner. What's your favorite thing about the holiday? Any fun costumes or party ideas on your end?

Dave: This is awesome, haha. Yeah, Halloween is fun. We both have kids and are excited to walk around with them in their costumes. We are embracing it as more of a family moment so we can't wait.

iEDM: I'm all about family time so I'll let you guys get back to that. Before I let you go, what can fans look forward to in 2018 when it comes to Tritonal?

Dave: Quite a bit! We have a lot of new stuff to showcase in 2018 and we're so excited to show some of it. Perhaps on the 'Horizon Tour.' But 2018 is a brand new, BIG year ahead and we're looking forward to the journey!

We thank Tritonal for taking the time out of their busy schedule to chat with us! You can follow Tritonal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.  

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