DJs Killing The Twitter Game

| November 11, 2016

While Dillon Francis gets all the credit for being hilarious, he is not the only DJ out there with a sense of humor. Twitter is a great media tool for both fans and artists alike. It is a great way for artists to interact in a more personal manner with their fans.

In addition to it acting as an interactive tool, it's a way to for us to see more into people's lives that we wouldn't normally see. In 140 characters or less we get to experience artists in a completely different way.

1. Party Favor - @partyfavormusic:

Party Favor while known for his booty dropping beats is also a closet comedian. Basically if you have a twitter account and aren't following Party Favor you're missing out. 

He likes to keep it real:

He says what we're all thinking

His political stance is pretty on point

He's pretty much always right....

2. Brillz - @itsbrillz:

Brillz is the DJ who responds and likes your tweets without the help of a bot. He's pretty much the nicest dude there is but he also keeps it real.  He's been known to go on conspiracy theory rants that will have you wondering about the world and actually make you think.

He will literally give you the clothes off of his back

He'll also make you laugh.

We feel you Brillz.

3. Snails - @snailmusic:

Snails will remind you of all your friends you already have. Basically all he wants to do is party and eat tacos and who doesn't want to do that? Snails if you're looking for a new best friend give me a call, we can eat tacos and party all day long.

Who's your favorite DJ to follow on twitter?

Tweet us and let us know @iedmofficial!


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