Uner Talks About His Summer Plans in Ibiza and His Favorite Venues in iEDM Exclusive Interview

| June 30, 2017

UNER has been having the time of his life as he works his way up the food chain. This Spanish tech-house DJ has been all over the charts with his releases. I was lucky enough to catch a few words from him as he stepped on to a party cruise called Shipsomnia that sailed the Mediterranean, here's what he had to say:


iEDM: You’re getting played by some of the best electronic music labels around like Visionquest, Cocoon, and Cadenza, how does it feel?

Uner: It feels amazing. When you’ve been making music for years, you focus on these different labels. You see these labels release huge names and then when they give you the opportunity to work with them it’s amazing for you as an artist. You learn a lot of things and I have to say I’m feeling really lucky. I’ve meet a lot of amazing people. Now we have a really close relationship, I’m very blessed.

iEDM: How have these new relationships benefitted you so far?

Uner: You’re working with people with more experience. So you can see the different points of view in the industry, and then you take the best parts of each point of view to make your own. As a person you can feel how these people have their feet on the ground and they’re just normal people. They take care of their people and their team, they’re super connected with the crowd, and thats what is most important. I met Carl Cox in Ibiza and I thought ‘Wow, he’s amazing.’ He was taking with the people on the street, he’s giving out food to the team, and that’s the best part.

iEDM: How has your life changed since your Newcomer DJ Award in 2013

Uner: There was not a big change just from that. The changes come with a lot of the smaller achievements. Step by step. Of course it was amazing, but you need to have more things around. It’s not just about a DJ award, or releasing music on Cadenza, or playing a festival, but it’s about all of the accomplishments as one.

iEDM: You’re about to step up to the decks on Shipsomnia, a party cruise to Ibiza and South France, where else will you be playing this summer?

Uner: Well, this summer is crazy. I’m playing Ibiza almost every week. We also have a lot of festivals coming up, and I’m touring in the states. We are starting my own branded parties. We have two days in Barcelona in July and August. Also we are starting very special extended sets… not for just 5 or 6 hours, but for 10 hours or more. We have an extended set for 12 hours in Miami this August. It’s going to be amazing. The summer is always amazing.

iEDM: Do you have a favorite venue that you like to play at the most?

Uner: I really like playing anywhere. I have been playing at huge festivals and clubs. Every venue has something special. But, I have to say that sometimes you feel completely connected. Some different venues like Output in Brooklyn are just very special. I love the feelings and experiences I’ve had there. I also love Miami. Everything is super cool usually. It’s very hard to find a place that I don’t enjoy. I played yesterday in Napoli for the first time. The venue was amazing, it was huge. The people were great, and they were texting me the day after saying how great the show was.

iEDM: You play a lot of house and techno, do you enjoy playing any other types of EDM?

Uner: I love playing deep house, soulful, techno, everything. Of course I have different phases. I am coming from the house and trance phases as a teen. I really enjoy long sets. I can start with low BPM, and end it with high BPM.

iEDM: Are there any styles that you'd like to break into?

Uner: Sometimes I love playing drum and bass, trance, etc. But it’s not easy. Depends on where you’re playing. You can feel it with the people. You have people that are new to the music, so they might not know your old tracks. When you play shows in like Germany, you can try something new and take that risk.

iEDM: Do you have anything else you’d like your fans to know?

Uner: Keep coming to the parties. Not just to mine, but to see all the DJs, forget about types and styles. Enjoy the music and enjoy life.

UNER, you're the man! We invite everyone to check out UNER's latest track Fonema off of his record label Solar Distance, and take a peek at more artist interviews HERE on iEDM. 

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