Unleash Your Wild Side With 10 Animal-Inspired Tops

| June 07, 2017

No matter what festival you plan on attending, animal inspired looks are among the top festival season staples.

Whether you're rocking leopard spots, tiger stripes, or any other animal kingdom look, all of these styles are perfect for festival season. These are the perfect EDM clothes for Electric Zoo or any festival you are attending this year! 

We've gathered our favorite ten animal-inspired looks, which range from lion hoodies to owl styled fashion that's perfect for your EDC outfit. Check out our top ten picks below!


1. Owl Language Tank Top

Owls are the symbol of Insomniac's EDC mega-festival, and Owl Language is one of our best-selling designs. Featuring two owls in a symmetrical design on a colorful and celestial background, the Owl Language Tank is sure to please. This popular design is also available in different styles, from a hoodie to joggers



2. Unicorn Spew Crop Top

Our Unicorn Spew Crop Top is one of our favorites. Bright, colorful and featuring everyone's favorite animal (unicorns are trending now!), this crop top is sure to please. Definitely one of our favorite animal kingdom looks, this top will keep you cool and comfortable while you dance all night long. 



3. Galaxy Pug Hoodie

The Galaxy Pug design brings a different animal-inspired look to your rave wardrobe. This fun design combines everyone's favorite dog breed with a pair of retro shades, a mystical galactic background, and bright celestial colors. Perfect for the cooler nights, or if you just want a style that is fun, unique and a conversation starter, this hoodie is a staple to add to your festival collection. 



4. King Llama Tank

In my opinion, llamas are underrated in the animal kingdom. But we decided to give them the credit that they're due and our King Llama tank top shows the llama in all its glory. Featuring a single llama on a rocky outcropping against a colorful and vibrant spacey background. There are a lot more llama fans out there then you might think, and a rave is a perfect place to find them. 



5. Astronaut Pals T-Shirt

Another hugely popular animal kingdom design is our Astronaut Pals. This design is one of our bestsellers and for a great reason. The design is cute, featuring a cuddly panda and a cat decked out in astronaut gear. If the panda and the cat aren't enough, the background on the shirt is a swirling nebula. A definite crowd-pleaser, this shirt is perfect for any show you may attend. 



6. King of Lions Hoodie

One of our most popular hoodies, our King of Lions hoodie features the king of the animal kingdom in a cool profile view. The lion is rendered in a highly realistic design (mid-growl too!) which makes this hoodie both dramatic and eye-catching. The simple color palette makes the lion stand out and makes this hoodie perfect to pair with any bottoms of your choice. 



7. Jellyfish Nebula Tank

The Jellyfish Nebula tank is less in-your-face when it comes to our animal kingdom designs. The jellyfish are subtle and blend in with the galactic background of the tank top. A combination of blues, pinks, and purples, this tank top will pair with any of our accessories or bottoms from our Space Vibes collection



8. Swag Sloth Shirt

There are few things better in this world than a sloth wearing aviators, and that's the reason why our Swag Sloth Shirt is one of our bestsellers. This shirt is simple and comfortable, made out of light and breathable material that makes it ideal to dance all night in. 



9. Catsplosion T-Shirt

The Catsplosion shirt is fun, with the epic and almost cinematic background of a fiery explosion and a cat just casually walking away from the flames. The design is whimsical and fun at the same time, and you'll be unique at your next music festival. You can explore more of our Cat Collection HERE. 



10. T-Rex Pocket Pal Shirt

One of our most playful and unique designs, the T-Rex Pocket Pals shirt features a T-Rex sitting in your pocket and spitting out a rainbow. Unique? Yes. Cute? Yes. This shirt fits in at any music event you choose, but it's casual and fun enough for everyday wear. Beware, my pocket pal may bite. 


If you haven't seen an animal-inspired design that you love, don't worry. Gear up for festival season and represent your spirit animal with our Animal Kingdom Collection HERE

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