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| June 15, 2017

After throwing an awesome daytime get down at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Unlike Pluto kicked it with us to talk about how important it is to follow your own dreams and not other people's. 

He's made some big changes and has taken huge chances to get to where he is today. Starting at home in Atlanta, he's always taken an interest in music. After getting a bachelor's in biology and working in multiple doctors offices, he finally decided to focus on what he actually loves to do. 

Los Angeles called and he went. Now he's touring the nation doing what he's always dreamed of. That's what happens when you focus on what you truly want. Here is what he had to say about it. 


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iEDM: How do you compare LA to Atlanta?

Unlike Pluto: More traffic, 4 times as bad for sure. In Hollywood, you can find anything you’d like. There is a lot more of everything. In Atlanta, there is a lot of trap, hip hop, and R&B. LA has a lot more than that. They offer something for everything.

IEDM: When did you leave Atlanta for Hollywood and what sparked that?

Unlike Pluto: Early 2013. I’ve always loved music. Around 14 or 15, I was in a metal band. We played rock, country, alternative rock, and anything that that you could do with finger picking, putting random styles together. Then I pursued a degree in biology. When I graduated I worked in doctor’s offices for years. What my parents wanted dictated my life for four years.

I was doing everything I had to do to become a dentist, and the finally I said, f@%+ no. That’s not what I wanted to do. Many kids don’t have that moment. A lot of millennials go through with what their parents want and not what makes themselves happy. No matter how hard they try to push their values on you, whether it be religion, morals, or anything else, if you don’t agree with it, it will never make you happy.



iEDM: Have you used your degree at all?

Unlike Pluto: It broadened my horizons, but career wise no. I’ve just worked on music and wished that I had spent more time on it instead of biology.

iEDM: Do you think school was a waste of time?

Unlike Pluto: That’s a tough question for me to answer. Honestly, I do wish that I had spent more time on my music instead of biology, but it did help me find myself. I learned how to research and that even inspired me. Everything you do is inspired by something else.

I was doing environmental research on penguins in Alaska and realized that every research project is based from something else. That applies to everything you do in life whether its research or something creative.         

iEDM: When was the moment you realized that biology is not what you wanted to go in to?

Unlike Pluto: When I was like 15. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do the entire time. My only reason for doing it was because my parents pushed it on to me very heavily. I remember a lot of professors mispronounced my name and that made me never want to go to school again and pushed me even more to move to LA.

iEDM: Were you happy when you made that change?

Unlike Pluto: I had nights of misery, because when you pursue your passion, no matter in what form of entertainment it is, there will be a struggle. That’s part of how you find yourself though. There’s a war between you and yourself. Once you start to realize that you made the right decision, you start to see who you truly are because you finally get to be that person. It’s all for the good.

iEDM: What are your biggest inspirations?

Unlike Pluto: These two research professors from Emory that could barely read and write. They were not good at explaining their thoughts, but were excellent researchers. These two researched algae and how to get energy from plankton. They literally ate Ramen noodles for like two years so that they could fund their project. 

No one wanted to fund them, but they stuck to their guns and eventually did exactly what they wanted to do, and funded the entire thing. That to me is amazing.

Sticking to what you belief is important, but things change your perception throughout life. So, while that is important, you have to be smart about it and keep your mind open to the possibilities. Regardless though, find the way yourself, no matter who is with it or against it. Those scientists inspired me because they knew they could be wrong and the project could've been a dead end, but they figured it out themselves. 

The Gorillaz are also a favorite of mine that I have found inspiration in.

iEDM: When did you produce your very first song?

Unlike Pluto: It was around 2005, called "Going Down," and you can probably find it somewhere like Myspace. It was an acoustic. I use to jam a lot with my friends and I was in a lot of bands.  


iEDM: Where did you DJ for the first time?

Unlike Pluto: It was a UGA frat party in Athens, GA. There were maybe like ten people there, and they were all so great. I played popular stuff for them like Gangnam Style.

iEDM: What is the biggest show you’ve played?

Unlike Pluto: I’m not too sure what the biggest have been. There have been a lot of big festivals. I’d say that my favorite was Holy Ship 8.0. It was so crazy. I needed therapy after that one man.

iEDM: Are you associated with any labels?

Unlike Pluto: I work with Mad Decent and Trap Nation, but honesty I just make the music that I want without being told it’s not worth releasing or that it’s too weird. A lot of labels say “oh that’s doesn’t go along with what we have going on right now” or “that just isn’t working.”

I make what I want and release it when I want.

iEDM: What are your future plans? Any new releases or tour announcements coming up?

Unlike Pluto: There's a lot right now actually. I’m playing Electric Forrest and Tomorrow Land. I’m planning on releasing more tracks with my vocals. Planning for around 30. I even have a few duos in the works. It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do, because I’m trying to create something the isn’t recreatable. Production is production. So, I feel like I am starting over with music by focusing on my vocals. I’m just doing my own thing. We’ll see what happens!



Thank you Unlike Pluto so much for your kind vibes and amazing music. You're such an inspiration to those that feel as though they are stuck doing jobs that they truly would rather not be doing. 

We can't wait to hear all of the new music you plan to release and will catch you at your next festival. Keep following your dreams! 

Check out his SoundCloud HERE!

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