WATCH: Bassnectar Shares Inspiring Message For The Spring Equinox

| April 01, 2018

The Spring Equiniox is here and as our Earth continues its path around the sun, the days are getting warmer here in the Northern hemisphere. Snow is melting and flowers are blossoming. 

This past weekend, bass heads from across the country celebrated Spring in Chicago at the two-night Spring Gathering event. Earlier this year, Bassnectar promised fans 4 seasonal gatherings and this was the first party in that curated series. 

Bassnectar dropped bombs for his fans for two nights at the Convention Center in Chicago where fans took over the surrounding hotels celebrating with their closest friends. 

On night two, he shared a powerful message that Matthias Miller captured below:   


"And if there ever was a day to contemplate rebirth, *this is that day.* SPRING. I've got this blasted, old, withered little patch of dead soil behind my house, and... the other day I decided "ya know what? I'm gonna sprinkle some grass seed down and just see what happens! Spray some water on it and see if i get some grass back there!" And ya know what's happening?? Grass is growing! *Where there was NO GRASS!* Just a dark, grey, post-apocalyptic PATCH OF DOOM. And now GREEN sprigs of GRASS are growing. My orange tree is growing oranges and my lemon tree is growing these BIG FAT lemons. Birds are waddling around in the back yard eating my grass seed, *that's fine.*

SPRING is the greatest metaphor. It's that place in your life where you've been depressed. Where you've been trapped. Where you've been stuck, you've been uninspired, where you've been heartbroken... where everything seems hopeless. And suddenly! This glimmer, of light springs up, *inside of you!*. You've GOTTA remember what I'm talking about, it's so EASY to forget when you're wandering through the bleak darkness, when you're lost, when you're confused, when you're uninspired, when you're lonely, it's so EASY to forget that nothing lasts, including those bleak states.

And now all of a sudden out of the blue-- if you're a writer, that great idea will come and you'll find yourself writing again. Or if you're a comedian new jokes will start coming (I *promise* they start coming again). Or if you're somebody who has been alone for a long time you'll meet someone new, and realize that it's possible to fall in love again. That's what SPRING's all about!

SPRING is about *grinning from ear to ear* if you realize that LIFE. HAPPENS. AGAIN. That it can't be pushed back or stopped and that your idea that everything was gonna be awful forever was ridiculous! It doesn't follow the pattern of life, of nature. These dark scientists blogging about "the collapse of industrial civilization," "impending doom," "everything falling apart". They're just focusing on the winter. They don't understand that, yeah sure, civilizations collapse, just like there's winter. But things grow from that collapse.

Don't just focus on ONE PART of the cycle, that's the point! If you're trapped in winter, if your brain is in a permafrost, if you've managed to convince yourself that things don't get better, and you're lost forever: permanently broke, permanently alone, permanently sick... it's NOT TRUE! You're not gonna be permanent ANYTHING. That's what spring's all about.

I LOVE SPRING... -Duncan Trussell

The next Bassnectar curated event will be in Broomfield, Colorado at the First Bank Center. Earlier today, he also announced the Fall Gathering would be at the "Mothership" aka the Hampton Coliseum, the home of Bass Center and Basslights. 

Celebrate Spring and check out the New Arrivals HERE

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