What To Wear To An EDM Music Festival

| March 03, 2019

Are you excited to experience your first EDM Festival this upcoming year? Maybe you’re unsure what to wear. Well no need to worry! iEDM has all the combinations you need to get ready for your very first EDM festival! Festivals are meant for self-expression, so if you want to be a unicorn, be a unicorn. 

It’s our job to make you look flawless and amazing at your first fest. Check out our amazing collection of bright, luscious, and threads that can literally make you light up! Which outfit do you think is best for you?


1. Crop Tops & Booty Shorts

No one can go wrong with a simple but amazingly cute fit like a crop top and booty shorts! The combinations are endless with our romper and booty short collections. Feel comfortable and confident with one of iEDM's favorite selection! 




2. Rompers

Maybe you're feeling more of a one piece? Say no more! has some of the cutest and flashiest rompers in the rave game. You can choose from collections of colorful, metallic, or even psychedelic styles. Blow everyone away at your first EDM event with our unique rompers!




3. Body Swimsuit

iEDM also carries body swimsuits with  great styles that have unique prints such as galactic prints, animal prints, and cutting edge geometric patterns. Check out all our swimsuit fits HERE!




4. Tank with Leggings

Want to switch it up even more? Check out our stylish tank top collection HEREMix and match your favorite tops and bottoms to create your own unique outfit! Maybe shorts weren't too much your preference ? Try out our wide collection of leggings HERE




5. Hoodie with Joggers

Big fan of galaxy prints? Test out our new galactic sets of hoodies and joggers HERE. We here at are very proud of our collection of one of a kind, bold, and daring prints that you can stunt at your first EDM event. 




6. Hoodie T-Shirt & Joggers

Love hoodies and t-shirts? Why not wear both all in one with our exclusive designs. Check out our cool collection of Hoodie Ts HERE. We think that these one of a kind style top will match great with our joggers! Check those out HERE!




7. Crop and Leggings


Want a quick one and done fit? Check out our crop top and leggings collection HERE. We have some trippy designs including prints like drip and pixel art.




8. T Shirt & Joggers has also assembled and developed outfits for those who like shorts and shirts ! You can either pick up some of our pre-made sets or create your own! Fan of space or nature? carries prints for everyone!




9. Sweatshirt & Joggers


Want to look flash but stay cozy ? We have our sweatshirt and jogger collection you can check out HERE.  Choose from styles like floral, geometric shapes, or vibrant colors! Stay comfy at your first rave with our collection of sweatshirt rave wear here at




10. Light Up Sweater and Joggers



Want to WOW everyone at your very first EDM event? Why not LIGHT UP the night yourself with our super unique light up zip up sweater you can find HERE only at Glow up the night with your choice of joggers HERE. Go all out at your first EDM event and make it a memorable one!



Festival Season 2019 is officially here! Gear with with the hottest rave wear in the world with iEDM's specially curated Music Festival Collection HERE

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