What to Wear to a Techno Rave

| January 29, 2023

Techno is one of the most well established and regarded subgenres of EDM. It has led to the growth and formation of many other facets within dance music culture, especially when it comes to rave fashion. Techno-influenced fashion is known for its futuristic and cyberpunk like aesthetic. It often includes minimalist and black-and-white styles.

Techno shows have spiked in popularity in the US recently and are coveted by long-time ravers. From the atmosphere to the sound and fashion, there is nothing else out there like it. If you are planning to attend a techno event soon, iEDM has you covered for all your rave wear needs. Our collection features a wide variety of techno-rave clothing, from T-Shirts, unisex hoodies, rave cloaks, and much more. Check out our hand-picked favorites to choose your dream outfit for your next techno event.


Check out iEDM’s Guide on What to Wear to a Techno Event below!


Gears for Techno Heads T-Shirt


Our Gears for Techno Heads design was curated specifically with techno lovers in mind. Featuring futuristic artwork, this black and white astronaut shirt will be your go-to staple for any show. You can also pair it with a matching bandana mask to amplify your look even further. Check out our complete Gears for Techno Heads collection!

Get iEDM’s Gears for Techno Heads T-Shirt HERE!



Techno Equalizer Bars T-Shirt and Joggers Combo 


Another iEDM exclusive outfit made for just techno fans is the Techno Equalizer Bars T-Shirt and Joggers Combo. The mesmerizing colors will make you the main character wherever you are. This matching set is not only insanely comfortable but it will also bring your rave style to the next level.

Get iEDM’s Techno Equalizer Bars T-Shirt and Joggers Combo



Icosahedron Madness Glitch T-Shirt 


Get ready to be the center of attention at your next techno show with the ultra-trippy Icosahedron Madness Glitch T-Shirt. The glitchy geometric print gives off a surreal vibe that is sure to bend minds. Imagine how sick this would look through iEDM’s Diffraction Glasses!

Get iEDM’s Icosahedron Madness Glitch T-Shirt HERE!



Dripping Space Unisex Hoodie


Dive into the deepest depths of the galaxy with the Dripping Space Unisex Hoodie. The starry night sky stands out against the crisp white fabric. This intergalactic hoodie is truly one of a kind, so don’t hesitate to make it yours.

Get iEDM’s Dripping Space Unisex Hoodie HERE!



Night Sky Unisex Hoodie


The Night Sky Unisex Hoodie is highlighted by a spectacular pop of color. Pitch black collides with a psychedelic landscape pattern, creating a stunning contrast between darkness and colorful bliss. Wear a landscape of bliss as you enjoy the techno afterparty.

Get iEDM’s Night Sky Unisex Hoodie HERE!



Haunting My Dreams Unisex Hoodie


Techno fashion is primarily known for its dark, monochrome aspects and the Haunting My Dreams Unisex Hoodie is a strong representation of that. The ghostly figure dominates this unique work of art and will make for an eye-catching outfit. The strong, breathable material of this hoodie will keep you cozy and looking fresh all night long.

Get iEDM’s Haunting My Dreams Unisex Hoodie HERE!


Darkness Cloth Face Mask


For all things techno wear, you'll need accessories to accentuate your outfit! This Darkness Cloth Face Mask is the perfect addition to every outfit you plan to break down to techno. Not only that, this face mask will give you the anonymity you seek underneath the strobe lights. 

Get iEDM’s Darkness Cloth Face Mask HERE!



Monochrome Melt Rave Cloak


The Monochrome Melt Rave Cloak has a dreamy oil spill-inspired print that makes it one of our top picks for a techno event. it you are looking for versatile wearable art that you won't find anywhere else, then this is the rave cloak for you.

Get iEDM’s Monochrome Melt Rave Cloak HERE!



Hypno Levitation Wand

Channel your creative energy on the dancefloor with the Hypno Levitation Wand. iEDM’s Glow Gear contains vibrant LED lights to light up the darkest of dance floors. Create and enhance the vibe at the your next techno event.

Get iEDM’s Hypno Levitation Wand HERE!



Black Goggles


It wouldn't be techno time without a pair of black tinted shades to match the outfit. Techno lovers are known not only to wear black from head-to-toe but also known to wear sunglasses in the club. iEDM's Black Goggles will accentuate your techno outfit let alone any outfit. Find you perfect pair from the entire eyewear collection. 

Get iEDM’s Black Goggles HERE!


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