What To Wear To A Trance Music Festival

| November 09, 2018

With several trance events coming up, iEDM has the styles you need to look amazing at your next trance festival.

From colorful bandanas to all-over print hoodies to onesies, we have the all the styles you need for that uplifting beat. Get lost in those dreamy melodies with our dreamy collection. Find yourself in a state of trance with these styles!


1. Wolf Unisex Hoodie


Be the the alpha of your rave squad with this luscious wolf print zip-up hoodie. This cutting edge wolf design and colorful blue and pink splash really makes the hoodie pop. Find your inner Alpa with the most epic hoodie.




2. Jellyfish Nebula Sweatshirt


Lost under the sea or just gazing off into space? See where you fit with this vibrant multicolor crewneck. This handcrafted, bubbly print sweater will keep you cozy at your next trance event.




3. Wise One Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie



Fly into the night with this pearly white geometric owl zip-up hoodie. We know you’re wise and that’s how we, iEDM, know that this is the right choice for you. Be the brightest night owl at your next trance event with this spectacular hoodie.




4. C2 Rave Bra


Maybe you’re more on the free side. Stunt our one, but not only, C2 bra. This bright blue and purple radiant shimmer print is a perfect fit to cool off while you dance the night at your next trance event.




5. Wormhole leggings


Are leggings more your thing? This wormhole print leggings are durable to keep you comfortable while you prance your night into a state of trance. This super cool galaxy purple and blue apparel will make you feel bold.




6. Blue Galaxy Joggers


Jump right into these bad boys with our incredible blue galaxy joggers. Get these mind blowing joggers and represent the amazingness of the galactic views.




7. Pixel Pro Goggles


Glow up the crowds with these amazing Pixel Pro goggles. These sick goggles have over 350 modes of flashy light patterns and change to a variety of colors. Another amazing feature is that charges using a USB so no batteries needed! Be a pro raver with the pixel pro goggles!




8. Dream Waves Seamless Bandana


Find your inner dreamer with this dreamy Dreamwave Bandana. This bandana is firm fitted and guaranteed to grip on throughout your entire night.




9. Cyclone BodySuit


Want to keep it simple without being simple? Feeling like a Cyclone to dance all night long? Check out this awesome cyclone print bodysuit that will make you look wow!




10. Light Up Fur Animal Hoodies


Feel FURious with these eye catching light up fur hoodies. These silky hoodies will keep your ears warms. Honestly though, how cute are these? They’re so FLUFFY!


As you find yourself making your way into a state of trance, make sure to check out more styles HERE.



Need more accessories to prepare you for those uplifting psy? Find the  perfect rave accessories for you HERE.



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about the writer

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez

Read More...Ashley Lopez is a SoCal based writer who is proactive in the music industry. While she is a festival goer herself, she's also been a taste-maker for artist owned labels for Diplo and Steve Aoki. During her college career, Ash constructed a course at UC Riverside for electronic dance music culture, history, and industry studies that gained significant coverage on social media.

You may catch her behind the decks as she's also a music producer in the making crafting her sound at Icon Collective. Outside of the EDM life, Ash has other specialties that keep her going. You may run into her skating on the beach, kickboxing at the gym, or reading books on how to improve your life. Some of her favorite acts in dance music are Seven Lions, Kompany, i_o, Wax Motif, and Drezo.

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