What To Wear To Beyond Wonderland 2022

| March 16, 2022

Take a tumble down the rabbit hole and find the perfect look for Beyond Wonderland 2022. You'll need an outstanding outfit to stand out among the curious cast of costumed characters and fantastical performers roaming the Queen's Domain and Mad Hatter's Castle. From classic characters like the Cheshire Cat and Absalom the Caterpillar to trippy mushrooms and psychedelic butterflies, iEDM has dozens of Alice In Wonderland inspired prints. Show up to Beyond Wonderland in style with a look fitting of the Lewis Carroll fantasy world.   


Check out iEDM's Beyond Wonderland 2022 Fashion Guide below. 




Down The Rabbit Hole Face Mask

If you're headed to Beyond Wonderland then you absolutely need this face mask. The Down The Rabbit Hole mask features the iconic Cheshire Cat smile grinning from ear to ear. Stay safe while wearing this playful face mask.


Buy iEDM's Down The Rabbit Hole Face Mask HERE!



Wonderland Bandana

Bring a blast of color to the Beyond Wonderland dance floor with the vibrant Wonderland Bandana. This psychedelic bandana is bursting with dynamic colors depicting a whimsical design. Wear this versatile bandana as a face covering, headband, or other fashion accessory.


Buy iEDM's Wonderland Bandana HERE!



Heart Effect Diffraction Goggles

Channel your inner Queen of Hearts with iEDM's Heart Effect Diffraction Goggles. These goggles create an incredibly unique 3D heart-shaped diffraction effect that will instantly have you mesmerized. You're sure to fall in love with these impressive GloFX goggles.


Buy iEDM's Heart Effect Diffraction Goggles HERE!



Late Night Floral Crop Top


Bring the beautiful neon colors and wondrous sights of Beyond Wonderland to your clothing with the Late Night Floral Crop Top. This radiant print is effervescent and will glow against the rave's bright lasers and lights. Enchant your fellow ravers with this unique floral design.


Buy iEDM's Late Night Floral Crop Top HERE!



Magic Mushrooms T-Shirt

Show off your psychedelic side with the Magic Mushrooms T-Shirt. Overlapping rainbow-colored shrooms glow against the black background of this tee. Embrace the wild and wacky nature of Beyond Wonderland with this trippy T-shirt.


Buy iEDM's Magic Mushroom T-Shirt HERE!



Cheshire Cat Bodycon Mini Dress

For an eye-grabbing Alison In Wonderland inspired look, try the Cheshire Cat Bodycon Mini Dress. This incredibly graphic garment features a decorative Cheshire Cat across the front and back. You'll be all smiles while rocking this unique mini dress.


Buy iEDM's Cheshire Cat Bodycon Mini Dress HERE!



Rainbow Fly Leggings

Embrace transformation with the Rainbow Fly Leggings. Layered with hundreds of beautiful tie-dye butterflies, these vibrant leggings are an absolute must-buy. Soar into Beyond Wonderland in style with these leggings. 


Buy iEDM's Rainbow Fly Leggings HERE!



Catta Ugly Sweatshirt

Bring your love of Alice In Wonderland to Beyond Wonderland with the Catta Ugly Sweatshirt. Surrounded by stripes filled with mushrooms, watches, and hookahs, the smoking caterpillar character is displayed front and center. You might lose track of time while dancing in this comfy sweatshirt.


Buy iEDM's Catta Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



Butterfly Vibez Crop Hoodie

Catch a vibe with the brilliant Butterfly Vibez Crop Hoodie. This rainbow kaleidoscopic mandala-like print surrounds a central multi-colored butterfly. This mesmerizing crop hoodie will look dazzling on the dance floor.


Buy iEDM's Butterfly Vibez Crop Hoodie HERE!



Cheshire Cat Ugly Hoodie

True Alice In Wonderland fans will appreciate the Cheshire Cat Ugly Hoodie. This pink and purple striped hoodie mimics the Cheshire Cat centered on the front. The print also features other motifs like white rabbits and the Mad Hatter's top cat. This character hoodie is extremely fitting for Beyond Wonderland. 


Buy iEDM's Cheshire Cat Ugly Hoodie HERE!



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For more totally trippy looks, check out iEDM's entire Psychedelic Collection HERE!

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