What to Wear to Countdown NYE 2022: Rize of the Robotz

| December 05, 2022

The time to countdown to 2023 is here! Kiss the final moments of 2022 away and ring in the first moments of 2023 at Insomniac's eighth-annual New Year's Eve Celebration that attracts tens of thousands of attendees every year! Countdown NYE resurfaces December 30-31 this year as Countdown NYE: Rize of the Robotz to expose Headliners to a two-day futuristic experience you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else other than Mars or the Milky Way. To explore every outfit option, view the entire Alien Collection and Space Collection and find a look that compliments your space crew for the weekend. Save up to 65% off sitewide this Cyber Week; hurry before the sale ends! 

Check out iEDM's Official Countdown NYE 2022: Rize of the Robotz Fashion Guide below!

Psy Alien Purple Cloak

Feeling groovy and ready to travel to outer space? Funky colors and third-eyed alien drip this cloak in Countdown NYE clout--making this a must-have! Staying warm with this cloak will prepare you for the cold hours after the midnight countdown. If pink is more your color, check out iEDM's Psy Alien Pink Cloak


Buy iEDM's Psy Alien Purple Cloak HERE! 


Robosloth Onesie

Talk about Rize of the Robotz! An unlikely pair of Robocop and a sloth clash in this onesie creating a conversation starter during your time on the festival grounds. This Robosloth Onesie is exclusively one-of-a-kind as this print does not appear in other styles. Don't worry! Check out The Festival Collection featuring complete outfits if onesies don't suit your style.  


Buy iEDM's Robosloth Onesie HERE! 


We Landed Crop Hoodie And Leggings Combo

Would there be anything more heartwarming than a matching couples outfit with the We Landed design? We can hear Adam Beyer's "Space Date" when we look at this animated print on this casual crop hoodie and leggings combo. Transcend to another galaxy with your space date in the We Landed Collection!

Buy iEDM's We Landed Crop Hoodie And Leggings Combo HERE!




Alien Melt Yellow Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo

Head over to the Flying Saucer Cafe at Countdown NYE in this drippy Alien Melt Yellow Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo to meet your fellow earthlings and UFOs. Wish it was in yellow, purple, or pink? Check out the entire Alien Melt Collection HERE!


Buy iEDM's Alien Melt Yellow Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo HERE!


Gears For Techno Hoodie

Astronauts, space cadets, and futuristic robotic technology underline all of the celestial symbols if this year's theme in this Gears For Techno Hoodie! Specifically for techno lovers, this hoodie is black because techno time never requires bright colors. For a sleek and feminine look, check out the Gears For Techno Hoodie Dress

Buy iEDM's Gears For Techno Hoodie HERE!


Alien Invasion T-Shirt And Joggers Combo

Rainbows. Aliens. You're one step closer the the Milky Way Hot Chocolate Bar with exclusive NYE-themed food options at this year's Countdown NYE, so why not partake in the theme and festivities? Keep the campsite in style or car ride comfortable as well with the Alien Invasion Plush Blanket larger and warmer than your average fleece throw blanket! 


Buy iEDM's Alien Invasion T-Shirt And Joggers Combo HERE!





Trippy Alien Hooded Blanket

Have you ever wanted to bring the comfort of your bed to a festival, especially during the darker hours of raves? This wearable blanket is fashionably functional to wear on the festival grounds as you lay down on the grass or wear to keep warm. Endure the long two-day adventure by combating the cold and layer with the Trippy Alien Hooded Blanket!  


Buy iEDM's Trippy Alien Hooded Blanket HERE!


Splatter Alien Pink Bandana

Because an outfit is never complete without accessories. This Splatter Alien Pink Bandana can transform your outfit from earthly to ethereal! This bandana can add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit as a statement piece. Get creative with making this bandana stand out more than it already does! If you love this design, wait until you pair it with the full coordinated outfit from the Splatter Alien Collection


Buy iEDM's Splatter Alien Pink Bandana HERE!

Space Man Hoodie

Just some space for alien activities and gears for the techno heads. Step onto the space shuttle for every alien activity at Countdown NYE including taking group pictures with the rave (or space cadet) family! The Space Man Hoodie design has a classic, black, and trendy design perfect for not only the festival but the entire year too.


Buy iEDM's Space Man Hoodie HERE!




Galactic City Hoodie

Last but not least is the Galactic City Hoodie that reminds us to look at life in rose-colored glasses. An astronaut, butterflies, and the moon transform Tokyo into a dreamscape. We think this otherworldly design deserves an award. Complete your space exploration and view the entire Galactic City Collection HERE!


Buy iEDM's Galactic City Hoodie HERE!


Stay up to date on the latest festival announcements and music news HERE!


Need more inspiration for your Countdown NYE 2022 outfit? Check out iEDM's New Rave Arrivals HERE!



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