What To Wear To Ultra Music Festival 2022

| March 09, 2022

Ultra Music Festival is just over a month away, so it's time to start planning your outfits. Embrace the Florida weather with iEDM's flaming-hot collection of tropical tees, tanks, and more. With dozens of different flamingo and palm tree prints, you can find your signature Miami look right here at iEDM. Whether you're just attending Ultra Music Festival or spending the week at Miami Music Week, you'll find all you need and more to enjoy Miami in style.  


Check out iEDM's Ultra Music Festival 2022 Fashion Guide below. 




Tropical Twilight Rave Bra

Beat the Miami heat with the Tropical Twilight Rave Bra. This ombre pink and orange rave bra is decorated with black palm tree silhouettes over the front and back. Layer this rave bra under a tank or hoodie or wear it as a standalone top. 


Grab iEDM's Tropical Twilight Rave Bra HERE!



To Infinity And The Palms Tank

Perfect your tan while wearing the To Infinity And The Palms Tank. This men's tank features twinkling galaxy-printed palm trees over a beautiful yellow and orange sunset background. This tank will have you glittering throughout the day and the night. 


Grab iEDM's To Infinity And The Palms Tank HERE!



Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top

For a truly tropical look, try the Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top. This fun and flirty crop top features pink flamingos and orange and blue palm trees against a stark black background. Fellow ravers will flock to find out where you got this amazing crop top.  


Grab iEDM's Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top HERE!



Galaxy In My Palm Muscle Tank

Stay cool on warm nights with the Galaxy In My Palm Muscle Tank. This dynamic hot pink galaxy print features black palm trees and an ornate honeycomb-like geometric design. Show off your stellar fashion sense with this muscle tank. 


Grab iEDM's Galaxy In My Palm Muscle Tank HERE!



The Strip Tank

Sweeten your style with The Strip Tank. A colorful concoction of purple and magenta palm trees, hot pink sun spots, and a sky blue background, this tank is a bubbly mix of cotton candy tones. Don't forget the suntan lotion while rocking this stunning tank top. 


Grab iEDM's The Strip Tank HERE!



Florida Palm Trees T-Shirt


Add a little color to your wardrobe with the Florida Palms T-Shirt. This bright rainbow-colored top is decorated with black palm trees perfect for any beachside festival. Stay cool and stay stylish in this trendy T-shirt. 


Grab iEDM's Florida Palm Trees T-Shirt HERE!



Abstract Summer Sunset Bodycon Mini Dress

If you're looking for a print that's a little less on the nose, try the Abstract Summer Sunset Bodycon Mini Dress. This creative take on a summer sunset is a lush blend of bright yellows, warm oranges, fiery reds, and bold blues. Show off your artistic side with this abstract design. 


Grab iEDM's Abstract Summer Sunset Bodycon Mini Dress HERE!



Setting Sun Booty Shorts

There's nothing more magical than a sunset and now you can wear that beauty with the Setting Sun Booty Shorts. This dreamy pink and yellow print flaunts a beach-themed silhouette that will perfectly match your waterfront adventures. Soak in the Miami sun in these shiny booty shorts. 


Grab iEDM's Setting Sun Booty Shorts HERE!



Tropical Night Weekend Shorts

For a totally trippy look, grab a pair of Tropical Night Weekend Shorts. A brilliant yellow, orange, and blue background provides a textured look behind the black palm tree silhouettes. Get ready to stand out in these stellar shorts. 


Grab iEDM's Tropical Night Weekend Shorts HERE!



Miami Trees High-Waisted Shorts

For a bright and bold look, try the Miami Trees High-Waisted Shorts. An explosion of color creates an eye-grabbing background for the black palm tree silhouettes. Showcasing every color of the rainbow, you can pair these shorts with any top or trippy print.


Grab iEDM's Miami Trees High-Waisted Shorts HERE!



Stay up to date on the latest festival announcements and music news HERE!


Check out iEDM's Official Miami Music Week Guide HERE!

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