Whethan Talks About Working With Skrillex's Label And Touring With The Chainsmokers In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| July 27, 2017

At the ripe age of 18, Ethan Snoreck is gaining huge recognition in the electronic music industry.  When he was just 16 years old, he became the youngest ever producer to release a record on the Australian EDM music label, Future Classic. Shortly after, he caught the attention of Skrillex.

In just a few short years Whethan has become one of the youngest and most successful electronic music producers out there. Not to mention he just graduated high school earlier this Spring. 

iEDM: How do you feel playing at Electric Forest for the first time?

Whethan: I’ve never been, I’ve never played here before. I mean I’ve heard the best. This festival is super dope. It feels crazy and it all kind of came really fast too. I’m barely in the festival game but I’m already starting play super dope festivals. It feels good. A lot of hard work but it feels good.

iEDM: Who have been some of your major influences in your music?

Whethan:  Definitely in the beginning when I first started making music I was super influenced by Skrillex and Daft Punk. Those were the two that I was like okay this is super awesome, which wanted me to make music. Now that I’ve got in to it, I take inspiration from anything. I get influenced by Travis Scott and the hip-hop world, I just love that stuff.

Flume too, and Odesza, and all the people who have crafted a really unique electronic sound. I take a lot of influence from everything. I actually pull off from indie music and alternative music too, it’s just kind of a combination of everything that I love combined.

iEDM: You’ve been working with OWSLA, Skrillex’s label, what has that been like?

Whethan: I’m really close with a lot of people there. I never actually released any music on OWSLA but I did do a couple shows last year. I was fun. I’m really close to the team. I love Sonny and all the homies at OWSLA, a lot of friends.

iEDM: How was touring with Chainsmokers?

Whethan:  I just did some dates with them in the last month. I did eight dates total. It was really nice because the shows were in a lot of areas that I’ve never played before or wouldn’t have hit.

So it was dope to hit it with Chainsmokers on an arena level. The crowds were all fun. So many people too. It was cool to gain some fans that didn’t really know what they were going for but then they left enjoying it.

iEDM: Any album or EP plans?

Whethan: Not an album yet, but I have a collection of songs. We’re starting to figure out….we don’t know what we’re going to call it yet. But I have something that i’m definitely going to consider a project that will come hopefully this year.

The songs are there, I just have to finish it up. Not too long. I’m excited for that, to give people a lot of music and not just a single.

iEDM: Are you interested in collaborating with any other artists in particular?

Whethan:  I like working with all types of artists because I love to produce music that’s way different from my sound. Like I love to produce for hip-hop, I love to produce pop music.

I love to produce for anything. Im down to collaborate with anyone who wants to. I love it. I love the vibe of working with anyone new. So not anyone in particular, but I’d love to work with anyone.


Find out where Whethan will be next  HERE and listen to his new single "Goodbye" HERE.

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