Your Packing Guide to Lost Lands 2020

| September 09, 2019

Every basshead's favorite pre-historic festival is less than two months away and we're here to make your Lost Lands camping experience as perfect as possible. Whether it's your first excursion into Excision's bass-curated heaven or your third round, you can never be over-prepared. 

Lost Lands takes place Sept. 27-29.


Sleeping Accommodations: Tent, Blankets, Pillows and more


If you have Jurassic Glamping, you're all set. But for those of you who aren't, bringing your sleeping accommodations is key to getting a good night's rest to make sure you are rejuvenated after each day. First and foremost, make sure you have a reliable tent that will hold up in case of weather. Next, check off all your sleeping gear: blankets, a sleeping bag or air mattress, pillows.

Check out our Pillow Collection HERE

Grab a plush blanket to keep you cozy at night when you doze off. We love this Mind Control pattern to keep you inspired to storm Area 51 when it's time. 

Check out our Mind Control Plush Blanket HERE and the rest of our Fuzzy Blankets and Throws Collection HERE



If you plan on catching some hard-earned zzzs, definitely pack a change of sleepwear to ensure you're super comfortable. Onesies are our sleepwear of choice, but we also love long-sleeve crews, joggers, and loose tees.

Check out our Alien Gangbang Onesie HERE and our entire Onesie Collection HERE


Campsite Eats: Food, Cooking Supplies, Booze and more


One of the best part about camping festivals is getting to return to your campsite to pick up stuff, chill or munch. Don't go hungry at Lost Lands by remembering to pack all your food essentials. Keep in mind that you only have your camping supplies to cook, so be mindful of what food options you choose to bring (this isn't your mom's kitchen). If you bring a portable stovetop, hotdogs, sausages and easy to grill items are staples. Protein bars and other light ready-to-eat snacks are also great choices. Also, bring your own alcohol, a cooler and some ice to save some money and kickback at the campsite. 


Campsite Necessities: Medical Supplies, Sunscreen, Accessories and more


A first-aid kit and other essentials like bandaids, neosporin, and tylenol are great to have in your campsite just incase. Other good things to pack include: sunscreen, chapstick, bug spray, rain ponchos and hair-ties. Store your all your loose items in our Accessory Pouches to keep your items organized all in one place. 


 Campsite Decor: Tapestries, Flags, Totems and more


Needless to say, it's most definitely adventure time at Lost Lands. One of the best parts about camping is decking out your campsite with your personality and making friends with your neighbors. Marking your site with a tapestry, flag or totem is both an easy way to start a conversation as well as find your way home after a long day. 

A tapestry is a great piece that not only adds character to your campsite, but also can be used to block the sun and to sit on. Throw some elbows at the campsite and hang your tapestry by your tent to let everybody know you're ready to party.

Check out our Finn Tapestry HERE and our full Tapestry Collection HERE

Hydration Backpack 

Hydration packs are a must-have for everyone for multiple reasons: keep you and your squad hydrated all weekend long with your hydration pack that can hold 2 liters of water, have a hands-free festival experience, save money on buying water bottles and help reduce plastic use by using your hydration pack! 

Check out our Holographic Disco Hydration Pack HERE and our full Hydration Pack Collection HERE


Rave Eyewear + Sunglasses

Protect your eyes — it's as simple as slipping a pair of sunglasses into your suitcase for Lost Lands. Get creative with your choice of eyewear and pack a pair of glasses not only that enhance your visuals, but also make a statement. We love this steampunk-inspired pair of goggles that will be sure to stay on your head as you ride the rails. Check out our Black Spike Kaleidoscope Goggles HERE

Check out our Sunglasses HERE and our full Rave Eyewear collection HERE


Shoes: Rave Shoes and Sandals/Flip-flops

You'll need two pairs of shoes this weekend and you're good to go. The first is a comfortable pair of rave shoes that you'll be able to dance in all weekend. This psychedelic low-top pair remind us of the vans glory days and we're living for it. Don't be shy about getting down and dirty in these.

Check out our Funkadelic Low-top Sneakers HERE and our full Low-tops Collection HERE

The second pair of shoes you should bring should be pair of sandals or flip-flops that you can wear when you're not at the festival. These will be essential for taking showers or giving your feet some air while you're lounging at the campsites. Also, great for your car ride to and from Lost Lands. 


Fashion Accessories: Bandanas, Glow Fur, Glitter, and more

Come prepared with accessories that double as functionality. Keep dust out and cool down with a bandana. Check out our Galactic Dragon Scale Teal Bandana Mask HERE and our full Bandana Mask Collection HERE

Glow fur is great to wear at night when it gets colder. Check out our Glow Fur HERE

Our favorite fun accessories are glitter and kandi; both are easy to share and encourage positive energy. Buy glitter packs and kandi bead sets and make it a party at the campsite. 


Festival Outfits

Last, but not least, make sure to bring your A game with your outfits. Lost Lands is the place where your outfits can shine and you can take advantage of the fall weather to mix and match pieces. Whether it's bodysuitstanks, hoodies or booty shorts, there are so many options. We picked out this Velvet Long Sleeve Bodysuit, check it out HERE. Check out more Women's Rave Outfits HERE. We also have Complete Men's Rave Outfits HERE


It's the last leg of summer festival season and your last chance to soak in some sun before we transition to the fall and winter festival season! We hope everyone has been having the best summer ever and that everyone is raving safe. Check out our Festival Collection HERE to grab your festival accessories and necessities and go out in style this season.  


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Jessica Mao

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Her guilty pleasure is listening to The Chainsmokers circa 2015 and eating McDonalds cookies. She is a strong advocator of earplugs.

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