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Album Review: Zeds Dead Northern Lights

| November 03, 2016

After much anticipation, Zed’s Dead finally released their debut album and they did not disappoint in the slightest. On October 14th, Northern Lights was officially released and all was right with the world. Even weeks later, people are still constantly talking and buzzing about the album.

Their album “Northern Lights” is as versatile as they are. If there was ever an album that could show of an artist’s multitude of talent as creators, this is the album. It was essentially everything the fans wanted and more. It’s almost impossible to please everyone. However, I am still yet to hear a single person who has a single complaint about any part of this album.

The album starts off with “Stardust” which is both lyrically and creatively genius. The entire album just gets better and greater from there.

Northern Lights is filled with ballad-like songs. In addition, they also got some help from OG rappers like Jadakiss and Pusha T.

As the album progresses, you quickly learn that you won’t know what to expect with each following song. Each song has its own very distinct sound. The entire album is an enigma filled with pure excellence and greatness.

In a world where the entire album industry as a whole is going downhill quickly, it's refreshing to see a glimmer of hope. It's more common currently for artists and DJs to simply release EPs and singles because there is no success in albums anymore. Rain Man had previously said that it's almost impossible to get to know an artist just from a 15 track album, it's harder to know what they're about. However, I think its safe to say that Zed's Dead found a way to show us everything they are about with this one.

It’s rare to come across an album that defies genres and expectations. Right now, Zed's Dead are an act to know and watch. If there is one duo you must see this fall, it's them. Make sure you don't miss out on them during their current tour.

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