Space Whip Remix - Poi Set has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
GloFX - Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set
  • GloFX Space Whip Remix - Poi Set

Space Whip Remix - Poi Set




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Free Diffraction Glasses with every Holiday Space Whip purchase!

Press play on the NEW Space Whip Remix – Poi Set! Everything you love about a whipping poi set now remixed to perfection. These whips are years in the making and were engineered with light whippers’ preferences in mind. Enter into a world of bright LED fibers that will effortlessly follow you wherever you go. The Space Whip Remix Poi Set will become your newest flow obsession. Wrap yourself in a galaxy of mind-blowingly beautiful light!


  • 2 Lightweight & Durable LED Powerhouses
  • Approximately 3 Feet Long with Tapered Fibers – Each Poi
  • 2 Foam Padded WhipGripz
  • 2 Double Loop Leash Handles w/ Bearing Swivels (Installed)
  • 18 Animated Light Modes – Including 5 Rainbow Modes
  • 35 Vibrant Colors with 3 Brightness Settings
  • 5 Customizable Color Sets to Save Your Favorite Combos
  • 2 Rechargeable 18650 Batteries with 2 USB Chargers
  • Powerful LED with 3 Brightness Levels for Each Color
  • 360 Degree Ball-Bearing with Over 130 Soft Fibers (.75 mm End Glow Nano Fibers) – Each Poi
  • Sleek Gun Metal Finish with Laser Etched Logo
  • Sealed Water-Resistant Housing
  • Long Battery Life to Last All Night; 8-10 hours
  • Onboard Memory
  • Assembled in the USA

Optional Accessories:

  • Additional 18650 Battery – Two batteries are included with Space Whip Remix Poi Set, but get one or two more to stay charged all night long.
  • Sparkle Fiber Head – Want to create a unique trail effect? Upgrade to two 3ft Sparkle Fiber Bundles for your Double Space Whip Remix.
  • Flow Grease (1 oz bottle) – The ultimate flow essential for the smoothest body wraps. Enhance your flow with professional lubricant to smooth fibers.
  • Safety Glasses – Whip with ease knowing your eyes are well protected.

Remastered Design

The Space Whip Remix Poi Set features a fully remastered design for optimal handling and flow. This whip includes centralized poi loop handles for the most balanced flow on the market, and its advanced ball-bearing technology allows the user more flexibility and range of motion, while also enhancing fluid movement and whip tricks.

Easy-to-Use One-Button Programming

Never again will you feel limited when it comes to color combinations. The Space Whip Remix features a programmable microchip giving you 35 color choices with 18 custom light modes, 5 of which use a rainbow of colors! Choose any 3 colors to whip with, and when you have decided your favorites, save them! The Space Whip Remix comes with 5 programmable color sets. Say goodbye to the days of programming your whip every time you turn it on! Just power on and go. Or quickly reset to the factory default settings in less than 10 seconds any time.

Centralized Swivel-Bearing Handles

Enjoy the most balanced poi flow in the universe with the new leash handle location! Instead of being located on the corner of the powerhouse, this new connector is in the exact middle of the powerhouse, allowing for the smoothest ride and best experience. Finally, find your equilibrium as you flow through the night!

Soft End Glow Nano Fiber Optics

Quickly & easily swap out your fiber bundles with a screw-off cap – no more tools needed! Space Whip Remix has over 130 individual fibers to produce one perfectly sized bundle. These fibers are tapered to allow for a wider spread of light, less tangling, and increased effects. End Glow fibers force light directly to the end of each strand creating the brightest possible point of light.

Sparkle Fiber Optics

Re-introducing Sparkle Fibers! Back by popular demand. These fibers are much like regular End Glow Fibers, but there’s a twist. We engineered a twinkling effect like that of twinkling stars in the night by placing divots in the fiber strands. When the LED light is turned on, the light escapes through these divots and illuminates the night! (*Sparkle Fiber Heads optional accessory)

Lightweight and Improved Durability

GloFX Space Whips are designed to resist the elements, both human-made and natural. The Remix is super lightweight which allows light whippers to perfect their spins and stalls. The housing is beautifully anodized to prevent rust and corrosion and is shaped in an ergonomically contoured design to fit in your hand perfectly. Oh, and did we mention it's water resistant?

Super Bright Powerful LEDs

The Space Whip Remix Poi Set provides ultimate visibility in any environment. Choose from 3 brightness levels within each color to perfect your light palette. Be seen at night and during the day!

Powering Up

The Space Whip Remix Poi Set uses a rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery in each powerhouse to power it all night long. The expected battery life with this whip is 8-10+ hours depending on the mode. Two batteries and two USB chargers are included with this Poi Set. These whips are designed only to be used with GloFX batteries.