Tribal Safari Diffraction Glasses

Tribal Safari Diffraction Glasses

Brand: GloFX




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  • GloFX Tribal Safari Diffraction Glasses
  • *Limited Edition*
  • Laser Etched Hard Plastic Diffraction Lenses
  • 3 Times the Diffraction of Competitors
  • Virtually Indestructible PVC Plastic Frame
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Unleash your inner rave beast with Tribal Safari Diffraction Glasses! The wild look of these trippy glasses can only be tamed by the most seasoned festival goer. Featuring stainless steel hinges and True-Flex PVC frame, these durable glasses will definitely be able to make it out of the jungle in one piece. Tribal Safari Diffraction Glasses are limited edition, so make sure you pick up a pair before they go extinct!

What are diffraction glasses? Diffraction glasses feature a special lens that diffracts light into a gradient spectrum of colors. There are different types of diffraction effects such as spiral diffraction, heart diffraction, star diffraction, and crosshatched line diffraction. There are many coined terms for the properly named Diffraction Glasses, such as Prism or Prizm Sunglasses, Firework Optics, Rainbow Spectacles, Laser or Lazer Sunglasses, Kaleidoscope Lenses, Rave Specs, and Refraction Shades. We prefer the scientific name, "Diffraction Glasses". To truly experience this stimulating visual experience, grab a pair of GloFX glasses and start seeing rainbows today!

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