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Bound in masks and bearing a fully customized twist to the sound of modern dance music, Stockholm-breakout turned Billboard-chart topper, Cazzette, has turned heads across the board.

The creative union of Alexander Bjorklund and Sebastian Furrer's reign under the At Night banner has given the industry landscape a new point of reference where breaking the rules and blurring the lines is concerned.

After a chance online meeting the duo wasted no time making the pieces fit. Bonded by a love for rave music and influences from across the musical spectrum, Alex’s structured perfectionism and Sebastian’s crazy creative habits brought them together as one of the most coherent units to emerge from Sweden’s thriving dance community.

Of all the early studio landmarks to bless their first two year streak, debut album, "Eject," served up a number of career landmarks. As the first dance album to be exclusively released through Spotify, lead single, “Beam Me Up,” sealed the duo as the first to ever top the Billboard charts with a single without formal label backing. It took just 14 tracks for Cazzette to champion both the album platform and the streaming market alike, setting a precedent once thought impossible to aspiring dance artists with album aspirations across the globe.

When the music evolves, the experience follows suit. Made in Sweden, exported globally and controlled by no one genre’s playbook, Cazzette has truly taken control of their place in dance music’s exciting forward movements in the future.

Track List

  • Jesse Glynne - Rather Be (The Magian Remix)
  • Simon Doty & MC Flipside - All Out (Club Mix)
  • Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (Crazibiza)
  • Spencer Brown - Double Down
  • Calippo - Need A Friend
  • John Dhalback - Pyramid (Dirty South Remix)
  • Chocolate Puma ft. Kriss Kriss - Step Back
  • Disclosure - The Mechanism
  • Disclosure - Latch
  • Fherplay - Everywhere You Go
  • Don Diablo - Knight Time
  • Woflgang Gartner - Latin Fever
  • Mark Knight - Alright
  • Sunrise ft. Krysten Cummings (Hoxton Whores 2014 Remix)
  • Cazzette - Sleepless

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