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Pastiche is the moniker of a Toronto-based electronic music producer who deftly navigates the realms of techno and tech-house. His sound is a unique concoction of dynamic basslines and captivating melodies, proving that high-energy beats and atmospheric tunes can coalesce seamlessly.

As a forward-thinking artist, Pastiche is at the forefront of shaping the soundscape of tomorrow.


    • Pastiche - Tesseract [unreleased]
    • Pastiche - Don’t Play Right
    • Pastiche - Oracle
    • Boris Brejcha - Space X (Pastiche Remix)
    • Pastiche - Together We Are ft. Sasha
    • Pastiche - Lost Inside [unreleased]
    • Pastiche - Ozone
    • Pastiche - Continuum
    • Pastiche - It’s Wavy

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