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Liquid Soul


Nicola Capobianco is a Swiss-born DJ and producer known for his project Liquid Soul. Falling in love with electronic music from a young age, he almost immediately took an interest in DJ’ing and it quickly became clear that his new found passion wasn't just a passing phase. As he made the decision to venture deeper into music, he quickly found his way around the studio and started crafting his signature sound.

In 2001, Nicola discovered the psychedelic side of trance music, and at the same time he felt the urge to explore new avenues within his music. This reinvention process gave birth to his current project; Liquid Soul. The project became a worldwide sensation due to a sound that can best described as masterfully capturing emotion using uplifting melodies, while intelligently fusing elements of Trance and Psychedelic Trance. These unique qualities have simply set Liquid Soul apart from the pack, and has made him one of the most desirable artists in the business today.

The Liquid Soul project rapidly gained momentum and earned an exclusive record deal from IBOGA Records, a recognized and respected psy- progressive trance label, It then became the label’s biggest selling artist over the past decade. To stay within the public eye and more to have more creative outlets, Nicola became part of several side projects, most of which are collaborations with other well established artists. Some of the better known projects are Liquid Ace (with Ace Ventura), Liquid Hook (with Captain Hook), Earsugar (with Human Element), and his experimental solo project “Sleek”, which focuses more on the deeper minimal and progressive tech genres.

The future surrounding this talented artist is certainly going places, so get strapped in as the ride has only just begun.

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  1. Liquid Soul, Vini Vici - Universe Inside Me
  2. Liquid Soul, Phanatic - Awakening Dreams
  3. Liquid Soul, Neodyne - Believe
  4. Liquid Soul - Wake Up
  5. Liquid Soul, Zyce - Anjuna (feat. Solar Kid) [Symbolic & Outsider Remix]
  6. Paul van Dyk, Jordan Suckley - City of Sound [Liquid Soul Remix]
  7. Transwave - Land of Freedom [Liquid Soul Remix]
  8. Liquid Soul, Alex Morph - The Journey
  9. Liquid Soul, DJ Dream - Liquid Dream
  10. Liquid Soul, Neodyne - Cherub

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