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Tripo is Matan Shkalim, a Psytrance music producer born in Israel in 1991. Shkalim discovered the world of psychedelic music when he was 10 years old, and two years later he started to produce his own electronic music. By the time he was 19, he built his own studio and dove deeper into the world of Psytrance. His music has a unique and original sound, a mixture of various genres including uplifting trance, trap, techno and more. Each one of his tracks stays true to his personal musical style, but has a story of its own.

In January 2017, Tripo released his first EP, Middle Eastern Nights, on German label SolarTech Records. After the EP went viral on social media, he dropped "The Anthem" that April on popular Brazilian label Alien Records. The single garnered support and recognition from many in the Psytrance community, including artists such as Azax, Belik Boom, and Vagus. A month later, he released his second EP, Unique Mode, on Alien Records to significant commercial success. In October, Tripo released his remix with Von Zeus for "Bazzar" (KSHMR and Marnik), receiving support from Vini Vici, Upgrade and KSHMR, and in December, he collaborated with Samra to produce another viral hit, “Selfie”. The track hit the top of the charts and was played worldwide by many leading DJs.

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  1. KSHMR, Marnik - Bazaar [Tripo & Von Zeus Remix]
  2. Tripo - The Anthem
  3. Tripo, Pondora - Trump It
  4. Mandragora, Devochka - Aladin [Tripo Remix]
  5. Upgrade - We Love Brazil [Tripo Remix]
  6. Tripo - Eurotrip
  7. Tripo - Trapo
  8. Tripo VS Kore-G - Karisha
  9. Tripo, Smara - Selfie
  10. Blastoyz - Mandala
  11. Tripo - Middle Eastern Nights
  12. Tripo - Frequencies From The Universe

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