Featured Artist: Dj AniMe

Juicy M


Dubbed the “Queen of Italian Hardcore”, DJ AniMe has become a world-renowned DJ and festival favorite with her undisputed beauty, skill and flair. This hardcore hero has worked tirelessly to reach outstanding levels of success. Voted #31 on the World’s Best Female DJ list and #18 in Europe’s Best Female DJ’s, AniMe has conquered the industry with her ravaging, energetic sound and full-throttle performances.

After releasing her album “Exterminate” in 2016, AniMe continued her upward climb in 2017 with hit releases such as “Call My Name,” “Insane Hardcore”, and “Superior Hardcore” (with Nolz), AniMe opened 2018 with her stunning Masters of Hardcore Austria anthem “The Third Invasion” (feat. Dave Revan), and released her second solo album “INSANE” last month, selling out the pre-order phase in only 3 weeks.

Performance-wise, AniMe is no stranger to mainstages and has cast her spell upon crowds at Tomorrowland, Dominator, EDC Las Vegas, Mysteryland, Masters of Hardcore, Defqon.1 and Syndicate. Prepare for a ton of smashing and bold hardcore!

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  1. AniMe, Deetox - Smash
  2. Stereotype - Murder

  3. Stereotype - Justice

  4. AniMe, DJ Mad Dog - Symmetry
  5. AniMe - Playing Terror
  6. Wreck Reality - Real Don

  7. AniMe - In The End
  8. AniMe - The Third Invasion (feat. Dave Revan) [Masters of Hardcore Austria 2018 Anthem]
  9. DJ Mad Dog - Babylon Dead
  10. AniMe - Catch Me If You Can
  11. AniMe - Superior Hardcore (feat. Nolz) [Official Exodus 2017 Anthem]
  12. Dogfight Clan, Alee - Live & Direct [Free Festival 2018 Hardcore Anthem]
  13. AniMe - Fear The Dogfight [Ignite Remix]
  14. Macky Gee, DJ Phantasy - Let It Shine (feat. Young Man) [DJ Mad Dog Bootleg]
  15. Wreck Reality - Das Sound Machine
  16. BreakStyle - Goes Down
  17. AniMe - Insane Hardcore
  18. AniMe - Stand Your Ground (feat. Noize Suppressor)
  19. AniMe - Listen To Me
  20. Myosuke - Source of Creation [Club Mix]
  21. Deadly Guns, Destructive Tendencies - Armageddon (feat. Sovereign King)
  22. Nosferatu, Nolz - Unification of Inner Power [Harmony of Hardcore 2018 Anthem]
  23. Broken Minds - Bow Down
  24. AniMe - Liar [Destructive Tendencies Remix]
  25. AniMe - Bam Bam
  26. Re-Style - Get it Crackin [Sefa Remix]

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