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FTampa (Felipe Ramos) showcases his unique sound in his original melodies and songs, putting pop music into a exquisite place that only he can. His first two singles in 2017, “Glowing” and “Love Is All We Need”, garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify, and their official music videos have over 3 million views on YouTube. His hit “Our Way” has 17 million+ streams on digital platforms, and “Stay” (feat. Amanda Wilson) has over 7 million streams. The Los Angeles-based artist has performed at Rock In Rio Las Vegas, Tomorrowland Brazil, Tomorrowland Belgium (as the first Brazilian in history to perform on the main stage), Lollapalooza Brazil, Burning Man, and many other music festivals around the world.

Raised by a single mother and orphaned at the age of six, Ramos was adopted by his grandparents and aunt and lived by modest means. Just before his death, Felipe’s grandfather gifted him a piano, which ended up changing his life. He started his music career in a rock band with initial successes, but the eventual failure of the band led him to swear he would never pursue music again. In 2011, his path shifted when he discovered the world of electronic music. He found new inspiration in the sounds he heard and subsequently set up a recording studio in his home. Inside those four walls, FTampa was born.

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