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There’s nothing predictable about this refreshing Dutchman DJ/producer. Mason continues to be a musician who refuses to draw inspiration from malleable and fast-changing trends around him. His new single, Stop Start Slow Fast, is a perfect example of Mason exploring any musical direction he deems necessary, and he absolutely nails it.

After a childhood surrounded by an actress mother, sculptor father, and a sister on the stage, it’s no wonder Mason carved out his own route to electronic musical madness. Mason’s studio creations boast equal parts groove, melody and complete eccentricity – no matter what the genre. Having expressed enjoyment in music to challenge, Mason creates an unusual balance of utterly credible house bangers, alongside some more commercially viable radio hits. Known for his breakout single Exceeder back in 2007, it’s clear to see how Mason’s music has developed after twenty years working on his craft. Over that time, he’s collaborated with the likes of Stefflon Don, Roisin Murphy, Run DMC, Sway, Jocelyn Brown and Kurtis Blow.

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  1. Funboys - Soul Scarred
  2. Bruno Furlan - 0009
  3. Malikk - Trouble So Hard
  4. Biscits - Back To Church
  5. Mason - Dance Shake Move [Tim Baresko Remix]
  6. Moguai - Home
  7. Hegemon - Help Me (feat. Moon Williams) [Giangi Cappai Club Mix]
  8. Justin Jay - Oi Oi Oiii
  9. Mason - Stop Start Slow Fast (feat. The Manor)
  10. ZDS - Sweat (feat. KE)
  11. Mason - Banzai
  12. Boston Bun - Spread Love [Dub Mix]
  13. Davina Moss - One Party
  14. Kured - Everybody
  15. Don Rimini - Jack Is In The House [Gettoblaster Remix]

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