Featured Artist: R3SPAWN



Few words can describe R3SPAWN’s sudden rise to global success. In the past two years, the Dutch mastermind’s high-energy tracks have resonated from dance floors and radio waves worldwide.

R3SPAWN’s emergence into the electronic music scene began in 2016. After sending demos to various labels, his distinct sound was picked up by Hardwell, giving rise to his debut label release on imprint Revealed Recordings. Shortly after, he signed to Hardwell's own publishing company. Since then, R3SPAWN has released several tracks on Revealed, and more recently, on Showtek's label Skink, and have garnered support from top artists such as Afrojack, David Guetta, and Tiësto.

R3SPAWN has already surpassed his goal of creating a new vibe in the EDM industry, as his distinct melodies coupled with hard-hitting synth stabs and bass lines have mesmerized audiences across the globe. With many unreleased bangers on the way, the electro house virtuoso is prepared to carve his own path through the dance music scene.

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