Featured Artist: Ryan Provost


If techno is the universal language then New Jersey native, Ryan Provost is surely multilingual. In 2014 Provost found himself more in the studio molding a mind that would gain international attention and support. Now Provost is signed to labels 18-09 and Housewax Records.

Track List

  • Matt Sassari – Scape Hotline
  • D-Unity – Okay (Adrian Hour Remix)
  • D-Formation, Chris Staropoli & Melanie S – Transform (Richie Santana Remix)
  • Saeed Younan & DJ Boris – Natural System (The Junkies Remix)
  • Matt Sassari – Akuyeri (Gaga Remix)
  • Allan Snowden – Crank (Ryan Provost Remix)
  • Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince (Jay Lumen Remix)
  • Macromism – What’Z Up
  • Peter Bailey – Deeva
  • D-Deck – Trapped
  • Matt Sassari – Scape Hotline

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