Featured Artist: Pete Tha Zouk

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If there’s a Portuguese artist with the DNA of a superstar DJ, it’s Pete Tha Zouk. With an innate ability to read any dance floor and the skills to deliver exactly what his fans want, a Pete Tha Zouk performance is the epitome of joy and happiness. Hands in the air, bodies grooving to a vast sonic range, Pete plays whatever is needed to make his audience happy. This has made him the #1 DJ in Portugal and a fast rising star in Brazil, Switzerland and Angola. He has created a widespread legion of fans around him, with over a million fans on Facebook alone

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  1. Example - All Night
  2. GAWP - Blocker
  3. Calippo - All I Want
  4. Offaiah - Cheddar
  5. FISHER - Ya Didn't
  6. Todd Terry, Leftwing : Kody - Just Getting Warm
  7. M-22 - White Lies [Ferreck Dawn Remix]
  8. Cevin Fisher, Jack Back - 2000 Freaks Come Out
  9. Thomas Newson - The Worker
  10. David Tort, Markem - You Hear That
  11. Erick Morillo, Junolarc, Chris Child, Ora Solar - Pulling Me
  12. DJEFF - Ouagadougou

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