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DJ and producer KVSH is now one of the biggest names in Brazilian electronic music. Luciano Ferreira, the “mineiro” behind the project, has already amassed more than 32 million views on his YouTube channel and over two million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Owner of a unique production style, KVSH has already released several hits in his burgeoning career. Two tracks that stand out are "Sede Pra Te Ver" and "Cante Por Nós", the latter made in collaboration with Vintage Culture and Breno Miranda and released by HUB Records. The two songs already have over 51 million streams on Spotify.

Other works include the tracks "Suavemente", "Tokyo Drift", "Puro Êxtase" and "Bem Melhor", and the first official remix of the band Natiruts, "Sorri, Sou Rei". His recent releases include the hit "Me Gusta” (in collaboration with Beowülf and Flakkë) and “Monalisa” (official remix for Brazilian rapper Xamã). His work has already resulted in 192 million streams on digital platforms.

KVSH played more than 160 gigs in 2018, from Brazil to the United States, South Africa and Uruguay. In 2019, he started the year with his debut at Lollapalooza and will play for the first time at Rock In Rio, as well as other places around the globe.

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  1. KVSH, The Others, FRÖEDE - Can’t Get Over You
  2. Daft Punk x Dubdogz - ID [Mashup]
  3. Gustavo Mota, Wolfire - Gimme Money
  4. Claptone - No Eyes [KZN Remix]
  5. Damien N-Drix - Let It Ring
  6. KVSH - ID [Lollapalooza Edit]
  7. Religare, Brunelli - Push Mee
  8. KVSH - Lasers
  9. Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc - My Girl
  10. The Fish House - Miami Bitch
  11. The Fish House - Smack My Bitch Up
  12. Duke Dumont - Red Light
  13. Zermelo - Freaky Shit
  14. KVSH - Feeling Good [Remix]
  15. Sevek - My Name
  16. KVSH, Machine Drivers - Tokyo Drift [2019 Edit]
  17. Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart
  18. Mousse T’s - At Night


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