Featured Artist: Orjan Nilsen

Orjan Nilsen


Dedicated, hardworking, and energetic – three words that best attempt to describe what Norwegian hot-shot DJ Ørjan Nilsen is all about. In the past few years, he has been impressing audiences across the planet with his own take on who a 21st century DJ and producer should be.
Born in 1982 in the Norwegian town of Kirkenes, Ørjan had little doubt about what career he wanted to pursue. Having listened to countless CD compilations and seeing EDM legends perform, Ørjan quickly knew that the DJ booth would be his domain one day.
Ørjan's work with the Dutch label Armada Music started with the track “Red Woods” (released in 2006 under his DJ Governor alias), and over the years Ørjan found his groove, showing flashed of his huge potential with classics such as “La Guitarra” (2008) and Lovers Lane and So Long Radio (2010). Ørjan went on to release his first album in 2011, titled “In My Opinion”, and followed its release with “No Saint Out of Me” in 2013.
As a DJ, Nilsen quickly established himself with an infectious blend of all things chunky and groovy, and his energy and presence behind the decks have taken him around the world. He’s played at some of the world’s finest clubs and biggest festivals, from Sao Paulo to Sydney and many places in-between.
One thing is certain: there is no stopping this Norwegian prodigy, be it in the studio or in the DJ booth. He is on a mission, determined to surprise, amaze and entertain.

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  1. HVMP - Pipes
  2. Magnificence - Remember
  3. Orjan Nilsen - The Chosen One
  4. KhoMha - Natural
  5. Simon Lee & Alvin - Epocalypse
  6. Purple Haze - Surrender
  7. Orjan Nilsen - Once There Were Raves
  8. Quintino - TUTUTU
  9. Tom Staar & Trace - East Soul
  10. Steff Da Camp & Tommy Jaden - Gin & Vodka
  11. Orjan Nilsen - ID
  12. ID - ID
  13. ID - ID
  14. Matt Fax - Abenaki
  15. Orjan Nilsen - Don't Need To Know Your Name

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