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TLUXX, Brian Johnson, is an Electronic Dance Music DJ/producer based out of Los Angeles. He is originally from a small town in New Mexico.
In 2012, a cancer scare forced Brian to give up his dream of becoming a major league baseball player. During his recovery from surgery, and struggling with his purpose on this earth, Brian discovered Avicii. To ease the pain and trauma of surgery, Brian spent hours upon hours in his basement learning the ins and outs of the music production and DJ performances. He quickly found his purpose in life, bringing happiness to people through music.
He moved to Los Angeles to continue his musical education at the well known ICON Production School & Berklee College of Music. Brian takes his music production seriously and believes in improving his sound by understanding the fundamentals of music theory and sound design.
TLUXX has been the supporting DJ for performers such as Headhunterz, Quintino, Borgeous, Morten, Arty, Wolfgang Gartner, Dirty South, KhoMha, and many more.
He also founded and performs in the annual “Play It Forward” charity event, which raises more than $2,000 each year for a homeless teen shelter.
With a master plan in mind and the right mix of talent and determination, TLUXX might just be the next big thing you’ll hear about. You might want to listen up.


  • TLUXX - Lightning Rod
  • TLUXX - Sweet Talk
  • Noise Zoo - Fractal
  • Emerge - Art Of Living
  • MrWhite x WINARTA - Why Can’t Love Be Enough
  • Yahel x Maor Levi - Creator
  • Denis Sender - The Road To Nowhere
  • Sunny Lax - Sheeverz
  • Lycii - Cosmic
  • Naems x Wincent Wolf - My Luv
  • Adip Kiyoi - Iridescent
  • John Grand - Moondrifter
  • TLUXX - The Passage

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