Featured Artist: Acraze


Acraze, AKA Charlie Duncker, is showing to be a true visionary as he conquered the bold transition from his speaker-rattling bass sound to a more sophisticated house approach. Even before its official release, the now viral smash “Do It To It” on Thrive Music, spread like wildfire around the world. From every DJ, to influencer, to media outlet, the budding artist is proving to have an undeniable impact in the current global dance music scene. Acraze's anthem went from being coined first as the ‘Song of the Summer’ to now ‘Song of the Year’ for 2021.
Although Acraze is only 26 years old, this moment did not come overnight. He grew up grinding the DJ circuit across the country, while developing his sound and collaborating with other rising producers. Demonstrating remarkable growth in a short period of time, Acraze is proving to be an act with a promising career ahead.

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