Featured Artist: Tasha Blank


Tasha Blank is a celebrated international DJ, motivational speaker and founder of BODY LVNGUAGE (formerly The Get Down), a global dance party reviving the soul of nightlife. With its uniquely raucous, sexy presence and rich culture of respect, all bodies are welcome.

Blank is known for liberating hips in New York City’s most legendary clubs (Cielo, Output, Verboten, House of YES), the world’s wildest festivals (Envision, Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, Wanderlust, Beloved), and museums, churches, helipads, boats, roving desert ships, forests and mountaintops everywhere.

Currently based in Las Vegas, Tasha grew up in a highly competitive dance environment that led to both physical and mental burnout. She quit dance to pursue academia at New York University, but was lost without dance and quickly spiraled downward.

After a major health scare, Blank realized she needed to change everything. She found her way back to the dance floor — this time at Burning Man, where she discovered a dance without rules that caused a revolution from the inside out. It was there she found her true calling, to serve people the sonic medicine and full body bliss that reboots our sense of everything. 

"The combination of that music + that environment gave me a level of freedom I hadn't felt since I was a little kid, and I wanted to make that real for others."

This led Tasha to the concept for BODY LVNGUAGE, and she never looked back. Stronger than ever after a decade making waves in NYC and beyond, BODY LVNGUAGE redefines what it means to party. Three ground rules (no drinks on the dance floor, no phones anywhere, love & respect above all) create the conditions for the party of our dreams, where everyone comes to actually dance.

In a world where rugged individualism and virtual, insta-everything has driven us apart, those three simple rules give us something to agree on as we generate a vibe that brings us back together to build something beautiful.

Tasha is the living embodiment of the BODY LVNGUAGE ethos, and acts as master of ceremonies and resident DJ at flagship BL events in New York and Las Vegas.

She kicks off each set with a moment of silence and invocation. "Even for folks who've never seen a giant club get totally quiet and take a pause," she says, "it's an important part of the BODY LVNGUAGE experience. When a crowd trusts each other enough to be still together for a few minutes … you can take them anywhere."

From there, Tasha's sets are richly varied. Rooted in house music and invariably uptempo and uplifting, they include everything from garage, R&B, soul, gqom, hip-hop, pop, techno and plenty more. Ritualistically rhythmic and inclusive, they invoke a time when it was not just acceptable, but expected that a DJ should take risks.

Tasha is also the driving force behind Powerhouse DJ School: a leadership academy building a new breed of DJ. Rather than simply focusing on the technical aspects of the craft, PhDJ teaches artistry, creative discipline, ritual, the body-mind connection, event production and everything else emerging DJs need to ignite the kind of dance culture we didn’t know we needed.

BODY LVNGUAGE is spreading its wings rapidly in the coming months, launching its Las Vegas residency, US tour and expansion of PhDJ. With Tasha Blank at the helm, the world can ready itself for a full-blown dance revival.


    • Move D - Got Thing
    • Jovan Vucetic - Bloom (Cee ElAssaad and Sound of Mint Remix)
    • Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk (Dom Dolla Extended Mix)
    • Harry Romero - Revolution (Deep in Jersey Extended Mix)
    • Flavia Coelho - Bonne Nouvelle
    • G-Washington - Warrior Mbube feat Miriam Makeba
    • Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub)
    • Jack Back - Grenade
    • Green Velvet, Rene Amesz, & Mark Knight - Live Stream
    • Re.you - Merci, Monsieur
    • Red Axes - Sun My Sweet Sun (Konstantin Sibold Afro Tech Mix)
    • Diplo, Andhim, & Elderbrook - One By One  (Vintage Culture Remix)
    • Pavel Dovgal - The Sound of Mbira  

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