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DeusExMaschine, iEDM Radio Mix


“Take the soul from disco, combine it with the energy of tech house and blend it up with DeusExMaschine’s signature ‘French Touch’. The resulting concoction is a recipe for dance-floor destruction.”

DeusExMaschine is a French house music producer who has been making waves in the electronic dance music scene with his catchy, upbeat tracks. Born in Lyon in 1975, he grew up in a musical household, with both of his parents being early fans of electronic music. He was introduced to the world of DJing and production at a young age and quickly became fascinated by the creative possibilities of electronic music.

In his early twenties, he produced several disco house tracks in the style of Daft Punk or Cassius with an array of samplers, drum machines and synthesizers, as part of the French touch movement of the 1990s.

After a break, he became famous under the stage name DeusExMaschine with the release of his infectious single "Only You" in 2022. It became a hit on the French club circuit and quickly reached 1 million plays on Spotify.

Inspired by the sounds of artists like Bleu Clair, Matroda and NUZB, DeusExMaschine is pioneering his own subgenre, one he refers to as ‘Disco Tech’. This signature sound is defined by his ability to seamlessly blend disco and tech house, while placing his funky, “French Touch” across each of his productions.



    • The Last Goodbye (Original Mix) — ODESZA, Bettye LaVette
    • Zigazigahhhh — Endor
    • Rhyme Dust (Extended Mix) — Dom Dolla & MK
    • New Gold feat. Tame Impala & Bootie Brown (Dom Dolla Extended Remix) — Gorillaz
    • Disco Tech — Deusexmaschine
    • Be Right There (HUGEL Extended Remix) — Diplo & Sleepy Tom
    • Gimme Some Keys (Tom & Collins Remix) — Matroda
    • Uh La La (Extended Mix) — Mila Falls, Volac, Trace (UZ)
    • Sidewindah — Gorgon City
    • NY to LA (Extended Mix) — Bruno Furlan
    • Mami (feat. COBRAH) (SOSA Extended Remix)— Chris Lorenzo, Sosa UK
    • Aturdido (Extended Mix) — Thomas Newson
    • Supa Sharp (Extended Mix)— Martin Ikin & Roxe 
    • Losing Control (Extended Mix) — Chapter & Verse
    • The Inside — Andrea Oliva
    • Better (Extended Mix) — DeusExMaschine
    • Come Back to Me (Extended Mix) — Deeper Purpose
    • B2B (Extended Mix) — Tita Lau, James Hype
    • Tra Tra (Extended Mix) — BLOND:ISH, Nfasis, Hugel
    • News For You (Extended Mix) — Chapter & Verse
    • I'll Love U — Tony Romera
    • Invisible Kid (Extended Mix) — Volac, GREG (BR)
    • Yeah The Girls (Extended Mix) — FISHER (OZ), MERYLL
    • Drugs From Amsterdam (Original Mix) — Mau P
    • 1993 (Extended Mix) — Dave Winnel, Voli K


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