Featured Artist: Autograf

Autograf, iEDM Radio


Autograf has solidified themselves as some of dance music’s biggest innovators since their emergence. The outfit has sustained a global fan base with yearly headlining tours, boasting their dense and renowned discography of effervescent house music.

Autograf pride themselves on being all-encompassing artists with a mastery for creating thematic experiences. Despite their growth, they maintain their DIY ethos by incorporating art and live productions into their shows. The group built a custom stage design for their 2018 headline CAUTION:LIVE tour, as well as their 2020 Ace of You Tour.

Fast-forward to today, and Autograf is still delivering timeless dance hits, like “Vertigo”, “Over The Sea”, and their newest single, “La Petite Mort”. We are stoked to have these one-of-a-kind musical creatives host this week's iEDM Radio Mix!


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