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The alias of electronic music producer Grayson Szumilas, G Zoom creates ambient dance music inspired by his journey through the world of EDM. He spent the first 18 years of his life growing up in small town coastal Maine without any taste in music. Upon his discovery of EDM, Szumilas had found the music that speaks to him. He would spend the next 7 years of his life dedicated to finding his sound.

Now in love with the practice and art form of creating musical landscapes, Szumilas has become a student of the electronic music scene, with the goal of creating a new style of EDM blending intensity with serenity. Utilizing house, techno, and trance style drums, Szumilas’ tracks produce a unique sonic quality, and one that pushes against other traditional electronic orchestrations.


    • Hippodrome — The YellowHeads
    • Sensation — Restricted
    • Synesthesia — Transcode
    • First Take — Stella Bossi
    • Schaltzentrale — Boris Brejcha
    • RUK — RefraQ
    • Free The Mind — G Zoom
    • LA 2052 — Rinzen (Citizen Kain Remix)
    • ID — G Zoom
    • Functional Basic Unit of Life — Enrico Sanguiliano
    • San Frantechno — Dom Dolla (Dave Summit Edit)
    • Les Filles — spuke
    • Hentai — S3RL (Edit) x Value of Madness — Pablo Say
    • Mistress Of The Fortress — NoNameLeft
    • ID — G Zoom
    • Safe & Sound — Curbi x Siren — Hugh Hardie
    • Guud Gurls — Kzn (Edit)
    • LazersX999 — HILO
    • Space Funk '75 — The Sponges
    • Deja Vu — Curbi
    • The Wiggler — Sammy Legs
    • Fisto — T78
    • Synergy — Flanko (NoNameLeft Remix)
    • ID — G Zoom

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