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Will Vance, iEDM Radio


Will Vance crafts a distinctive dance music experience from the rain-soaked woodlands of Portland, Oregon. Intertwining intimate atmospheres and melodic textures with club-ready percussions, his productions emphasize a unique human soul over formulaic designs. Inspired by half-light and the thin line between the real and imagined worlds, Will's music resonates sentimentally, earning him global acclaim with hit remixes on Songspire and celebrated releases on Where The Heart Is Records.

Will's connection to the outdoors is more than an inspiration; it's the heartbeat of his musical approach. His work with Where the Heart Is Records, Songspire, and Elliptical Sun Recordings reveals organic and ethereal compositions, mirroring his philosophy that music transcends the mundane. This authenticity and dedication to craft make his sound unique and emblematic of a new wave in melodic dance music.

Will Vance symbolizes lasting innovation and emotional resonance in a landscape saturated with trends. His musical vision paves a trail for others to follow, redefining the genre's standards. Follow Will's journey, and be part of an exploration that continues to inspire and reshape the world of dance music.


    • Jacana People, Antony Szmierek – Twist Forever
    • Aquarius – Lumina
    • HAUMS – Celestial Dance
    • DOMO (ES) – Erhu
    • Will Vance – At Least We're Safe
    • Will Vance – Algrebra Of Contentedness
    • Nathan Micay – First Casualty
    • Anton Kling – Uame
    • Yannek Maunz, Ivy People – Eye Of The Story
    • Solanca – Recognise (Will Vance Remix)
    • Stefan Obermaier – Clouds
    • Erdi Irmak – Hope (Rework)
    • Dave Pad – Tie Zerq
    • Elliot Moriarty – Not Like Planet Earth
    • M.E.M.O – Maya
    • Ourtron – I'm Flying

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